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    Re: MEPS

    Ok, looking at AR 40-501, Chapter 2, Section 3, Para (H) & (I) -

    "h. Abdominal wall.
    (1) Current hernia, including, but not limited to uncorrected inguinal (550) and other abdominal wall hernias (553),
    do not meet the standard.
    (2) History of open or laparoscopic abdominal surgery during the preceding 6 months (P54) does not meet the
    i. Other. History of any gastrointestinal procedure for the control of obesity does not meet the standard. Artificial
    openings, including, but not limited to ostomy (V44), do not meet the standard."

    And, I contacted a source at Dallas MEPS who is a buddy of mine. In short, if you have had an invasive surgery to correct obesity (gastric bypass, lapband, etc), you are Permanently DQ. A No-Go at this station. You are never ever ever getting back together... with the Army.

    If you had surgery to correct excessive skin from weight loss (Para H), then an examination and waiver is all you need (more common then you'd probably think). They will go over your surgery with a fine tooth comb to make sure you don't try to pull a fast one (ie - conceal a GB or something like that).


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      Re: MEPS

      hi everyone thanks for info it is very helpful.

      @ VICEROY06: "Miss" would be correct LOL. 24 year old female.

      @ TxIntel: I am considering this surgery just bc i was luckily to even get it approved 100% by my insurance. And reason is bc i had a child, excess skin in abdominal area and to repair my abdominal muscles. not bc of gastrobypass surgery. But regardless I see by regulations 6 months is waiting time. So all I could potentially need is a waiver?? Right now, I already am DQ'd for my vision in process of submitting a waiver and if approved I would be good to go. But later down road if I have this surgery and I am already cleared medically, How would I bring this up that I had this surgery after the fact this current waiver was approved.

      What would you guys do in this situation?


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        Re: MEPS

        thank you all for the help. appreciate it. got all info needed.