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military and astigmatism + Lasik

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  • military and astigmatism + Lasik

    So I have a really important question, ok so it started out about 1 month ago with me getting pdq'd due to having high astigmatism. Meps requested a waiver which was quickly denied by the chief of medical and surgery but my Marine Corp recruiter said if I got eye surgery I can try again and I will get in because it'll be all good once the asigmatism is gone. I got the surgery about 1 week ago and they eliminated all astigmatism. When I consider joining the military again in about 6-9 months (eyes need to heal) will I get in because I got the surgery? Or will I get another possible dq? What matters the most, pre or post surgery results? My cylinder value was left eye 7.00 and right eye 7.75 and now its 0 for both.*

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    Re: military and astigmatism + Lasik

    The post-surgery results are the most relevant. While you're healing, generate and keep records of your progress and treatment -- appointment records, checkup results, etc. You may wish to get your doctor to write a few letters throughout the process documenting how you're healing. It can't hurt. You will still require a waiver, so make it as easy as possible for the waiver authority to say yes.


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      Re: military and astigmatism + Lasik

      Thank you for the answer sir I will do just that so I can get into the military. Thank you.