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Trying to Re-join after Discharge

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  • Trying to Re-join after Discharge

    I had joined back in 2007-08 and had a medical condition that needed to be taken care of before shipping off to BCT, and was "generally" discharged. My medical condition has since been resolved, and in better shape and condition now than I have ever been. Is it possible to "re-enlist" or join, my age is the only issue that is standing in the way of my goal, at 37 y/o. Let me know if there are any waivers that can be implemented?

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    Re: Trying to Re-join after Discharge

    There are no waivers for age right now


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      Re: Trying to Re-join after Discharge

      Thanks for your reply,

      I spoke to a couple Recruiters today, and they were not sure if I would be considered "prior service", or "glossary non-prior service". According to NGB22, I have just over 1 year of service. Which from the Army's standard, I would still qualify to re-enlist since I would be able to acquire the projected retirement age, only because I would be "prior service". But the Recruiters I spoke with today said that I would be classed as a "glossary non-prior service" enlistment since I didn't even make it to BCT, contrary to the standard of having more than 180 days of service, which means that I would be over the age limit. There is a good posting in the "Prior Service" section titled "Age Policy Changes", Para. 3(b). I don't want to stir another "hornets" nest with like I did today, but the language should be changed to say what they mean and for the most part, it does. I think a lot of the confusion is the language defining "prior service" and "glossary non-prior service". Here is what I pulled directly from, "The Army defines “prior service” as any applicant with more than 180 days of military service, or those who graduated from military job-training (MOS/AFSC/Rating), regardless of time-in-service. Individuals with less than 180 days of military service, and/or those who have not completed military job-training are classified as “Glossary Prior Service,” and are processed the same as non-prior service recruits, with the exception that they must have a qualifying RE Code (or receive a waiver) on their DD Form 214."

      But thanks for your reply, and I guess I just keep checking back frequently, or become a nuisance to the Recruiters.