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Skin removal surgery disqualifying??

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  • Skin removal surgery disqualifying??

    Okay this is embarrasing since I'm a young guy, but I'm thinking about having an abdominoplasty operation. Commonly called a tummy tuck. I was very overweight my whole life and I have recently lost almost 300lbs. I did the weight lose through strenuous diet and exercise. I used no surgery, no pills, no "fad" diets, just hard work and dedication. My weight is now 200lbs and I have no health problems at all. But, I do have a lot of excess skin from years of being overwieght. I think that I need to have the "tummy tuck" done to get my wieght down to 193 (my enlistment goal) and to boost my confidence.
    I was hoping that someone could tell me if this procedure will DQ me from joining. I have been over the medical qualifications for enlisting over and over again and didnt see anything on skin removal or skin tightening surgery. The doctors said it would take years to let the skin shrink back down and even then it would go all the way back. I lost the weight because I wanted to join the Guard so badly and now I dont know if I can. Will someone please give me some information? Thanks.

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    Re: Skin removal surgery disqualifying??

    Your dedication to lose weight is certainly motivating. I noticed it's been a week and you've had no responses to your post. You should call a recruiter and ask about this. I really think that would get you the most reliable information you need.


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      Re: Skin removal surgery disqualifying??

      I was unable to find the actual regulations on this, but a buddy of mine has the same thing done after she lost a ton of weight and was able to enlist in the Naval Reserve (she did need a waiver, but it was for something else). Seeing how they are a lot pickier than us, I would say you are a GO.

      But yes, if I were you, I'd contact a recruiter to find out the actual regulations on this.

      Good Luck and outstanding job on the weight loss.