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do i need 15 college hours with a ged?

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  • do i need 15 college hours with a ged?

    i would like to join the national guard, i have a GED do i need to have college credits to join?

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    Re: do i need 15 college hours with a ged?

    I'm currently going through the process. I'm 34 and got my GED in the mid 1990's. I have no college credits. Unless the requirements have changed in the last couple of weeks (which is possible) have to score a 50 or better on the ASVAB to enlist with a GED. I think it also depends if your state is currently accepting recruits with GED's. I took the ASVAB last week and passed. I scored much higher then I thought I would....I haven't used algebra in years! On top of scoring a 50 or better on the ASVAB, they have a few other things they calculate into your eligibility for enlistment. There is some type of calculation they do with your body fat and other misc. measurements, personality profile, and some other stuff. My recruiter tried explaining it to me, but honestly, I did not make sense. If you have a HS diploma, none of that is required. Apparently if you have a GED, the military see's you as "untrainable". That is a direct quote from a recruiter. If you are young and have time before reaching the maximum age limit, get some college in, then enlist. Just my opinion.
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      Re: do i need 15 college hours with a ged?

      If you have a GED the military views you a someone who is less likely to finish your enlistment due to disciplinary reasons, alcohol, drugs, etc.. They don't look at the circumstance behind why you got one. I remember when I tried to join the active army in 1991, if you had a GED you had to score a 50, if you had a high school diploma, you only needed a 34. The sad part was people with diplomas couldn't score 34 they were getting 28, and getting waivers to go on active duty. So I ended up doing 13 years with an honorable discharge,not bad for someone considered untrainable or a trouble maker. Get those 15 credits, and enlist!!! Don't let anybody keep you from doing what you want.