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  • dental question

    A few months ago I had a root canal.
    Unfortunately, it became apparent that it reinfected recently, and on closer examination the dentist discovered that the tooth is cracked.

    I'm aiming to go for MEPS in mid June-- finishing up some schooling and losing some weight right now.

    The solution to the dental concern is to pull the tooth, pack the hole with calcium, let the bone heal; install a post in the reformed bone, let the bone further fuse to the post; THEN install the implant and crown.
    What I'm getting at is, to give time to let the bone heal before the post and implant are installed, there's a good chance that when I go to MEPS in June, I might still have a gap in my mouth. It is in the back (less visible) fwiw.

    Is this a disqualification concern?
    Would there be too much mockery at basic training for a gap in my mouth? (more a question of wounded pride, than of practical concern).
    If so, should I leave the dead tooth in place, and take care of it after enlistment and basic training? It is in a stable condition for the foreseeable condition, but I should get the implant done sooner than later nonetheless, and would prefer to go ahead with the implant if possible/ if it won't disqualify me for enlistment.

    thanks for the advice!

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    Re: dental question

    I suspect you'll likely be halted at MEPS. Applicants have been disqualified for simple cavities, so I can see them looking at your situation and saying "Get this taken care of first". Honestly, it would be best to refer to your recruiter/MEPS doctors for something this specific. You might try getting a note from your dentist, as well, stating that you have no physical restrictions while you wait for it to heal. This may help your case. Good luck!