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  • Looking for a recruiter?

    I am looking for a recruiter who may be willing to help? I have an RE-3G (thankfully upgraded from RE-4 a few years ago), with a SEP code of JFV from the US Navy in 2006. I graduated from Aviation Electricians Mate (AE) and Aircrew Candidate School. I seen a military psycologist on my husband's base a few years ago and was cleared fit for active duty. I have been working with a regular army recruiter since about September, went to MEPS but was DQed due to needing a waiver everything else went fine, recruiter said I needed a newer evaluation. I paid $300 and drove to southern St. Louis from Springfield, IL to see a psycologist who has worked with military before I was hoping this was a good option, as my husband EASed so I can't use a military psycologist. They also cleared me fit. I got a phone call today saying I was denied again. I have been working on this for years and have all the paperwork. I should have just dealt, I was young, impulsive and maybe a bit scared (my mom had medical issues). I have since been married almost 7 years (4 of which my husband was active duty), I've graduated college, run a small business, we own our home. Please understand much has changed since I was 19, I was never in trouble it was adjustment disorder with depressed mood, and still haven't been. I even had an outstanding inspection right before I got out. I know the Army owes me nothing, I just truly want to serve. If there's someone out there willing to work with me, or maybe some advice I would really appreciate it.

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    Re: Looking for a recruiter?

    Unfortunately, there's currently a suspension on waivers for mental disorders, to include depression. You can still get in touch with a recruiter through the Pre-Qualification Form on the National Guard website to discuss your individual situation. But be aware that with your medical history you'll likely not be eligible at this time.


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      Re: Looking for a recruiter?

      Ok, thanks for taking the time to reply!