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Vision consult - What to expect

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  • Vision consult - What to expect

    So finally after 16 weeks of waiting, I have been scheduled for a Vision consult at MEPS. During my initial visit to MEPS my right eye scored a -8.25 (family doctor said I shouldn't need a waiver he measured both eyes at -7.25), so just below above the -8.00 standard, MEPS doc recommend a waiver and I was told by the liaison that I would be back in a 1-3 weeks for a vision consult.

    I have two questions.
    What should I expect at the consult? Will it be just like a normal vision appointment with a civilian doctor?

    Also, I was told that I would have to wait for the results of the consult to be approved by the NGB and that this usually only takes a week, but I am skeptical because last time I heard that was 16 weeks ago. Can someone give me a no BS estimation on how long it would take to swear in, assuming everything goes good with the vision consult?

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    Re: Vision consult - What to expect

    Just had a guy go through MEPS and it took right at 4 days...Deepends on your MEPS really..that's kinda hard to answer unfortunately.