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UPDATE: MOS's Opening for Females

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  • UPDATE: MOS's Opening for Females

    As of 10 October 12, more clarification has been provided for the MOS's now available to females. Take a look:

    2. Effective 14 May 2012, AR 600-13 is revised to remove references to and information regarding application of the collocation provision to align Army policy with that of the Department of Defense. Additionally paragraph 112a of AR 600-13 is changed to read: Female Soldiers are allowed to serve in any officer or enlisted specialty or position except in those specialties, positions or units (battalion size or smaller) that are assigned a primary mission to engage in direct combat on the ground.

    3. Definition of Direct Ground Combat. Engaging an enemy on the ground with individual or crew served weapons while being exposed to hostile fire and to a high probability of direct physical contact with the hostile forces personnel. Direct ground combat takes place well forward on the battlefield while locating and closing with the enemy to defeat them by fire, maneuver or shock effect.

    4. As a result of these changes in Army and DOD policy the following guidance is provided:
    a. The ARNG is permitted to recruit and train female Soldiers for and award female
    Soldiers the following military occupational specialties: 13M (Multiple Launch Rocket
    System (MLRS) Crewmember), 13P (MLRS Operations/Fire Direction Specialist), 13R
    (Field Artillery Firefinder Radar Operator Specialist), 91A (M1 Abrams Tank System
    Maintainer), 91M (Bradley Fighting Vehicle System Maintainer) and 91P (Artillery
    b. Artillery MOSs, 13B (Cannon Crewmember), 13D (Field Artillery Automated Tactical
    Data System Specialist), and 13F (Fire Support Specialist) remain closed to female
    c. The ARNG is permitted to assign female Soldiers serving in specialties open to
    females to the following types of organizations: High Mobility Artillery Rocket System,
    MLRS, Area Clearance Platoons, Headquarters Section of Clearance Companies and
    Training Battalions/Opposing Force units.
    d. All positions in Cannon Artillery units Battalion and below remain closed to females.
    e. Engineer, Sapper, and Mobility Augmentation Companies, as well as the MOS 12B
    (Combat Engineer) remain closed to Female Soldiers.
    f. Positions, specialties and units affected by paragraphs 4a and 4c will be adjusted by
    the US Force Management Support Agency (USFMSA) to show a DGCPC of P2 (open).
    Organizations using this coding system will make such changes in appropriate
    documentation and systems.