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  • LASIK forms etc.

    So, I finished up my enlistment at MEPS about a week ago. Looking back, a couple of things stand out from the experience.

    Background: This is my 5th enlistment/re-enlistment for the Reserves/NG (3 times thru MEPS in 2 different states), but my first time through the process since June 2001.

    1.) LASIK vision correction form – a mandatory form required to be filled out by the office that performed your LASIK procedure. My mistake, but my LASIK from 7 years ago never even entered my mind when filling out the medical prescreens. “Surgeries” had me thinking only of the broken bone repair work that I had performed – not the 10 minute laser zapping of my eyeballs in 2005. And since LASIK generally is not performed on anyone under the age of 25, my recruiter couldn’t even remember the last time he processed a candidate that had the procedure done. Result, a 1-week delay for MED REINSPECT. Only a 1-week delay because I was very active in chasing down the form, verifying its accuracy, and hand-delivering it to those who needed it.

    2.) The over-the-top “you’re gonna go to jail and then hell in a hand basket if you don’t disclose every time you’ve ever even spoken to a police officer since age 2 because we’re gonna find out about it ALL anyways whether you tell us or not!!!” approach taken by the guidance counselors and everyone else at MEPS is a bit overwhelming. Now, honesty and full disclosure have always been points that have been stressed prior to enlistment – but it seems to me that they’ve really raised the bar on the scare tactics at MEPS. Hopefully it convinces those with questionable backgrounds to come clean and save everyone a lot of potentially wasted time when serious “forgotten” bugaboos pop up during the NAC. However, it is so over-emphasized now that it almost loses some of its credibility. With the use of computerized records and whatnot, I understand that more historical information on candidates is available to be found. I just thought it a bit strange how the old-fashioned warnings must have been deemed insufficient and needed to be replaced with the fire-and-brimstone theatrics of today. The gov't must have been wasting a lot of time and money on bad candidates I suppose, hence the change in approach.

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    Re: LASIK forms etc.

    Originally posted by OldGuardGuy View Post
    The gov't must have been wasting a lot of time and money on bad candidates I suppose, hence the change in approach.
    Pretty much...people were enlisting and then being discharged because things would come on on their FBI check that normally comes back a week or so after enlisting.


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      Re: LASIK forms etc.

      Thanks for sharing your experience. One thing that is important for others to get from this is that, if you want to enlist, you need to work for it. I've said this before, but it's the truth: no one is going to take your enlistment as seriously as you, so don't expect the recruiter to make everything happen.

      Good luck, OP, on the remainder of your enlistment.
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