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Height and Weight Requirements

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  • Height and Weight Requirements

    Do you have to meet these before going to basic training? I'm 5'10, 250lbs. Can I join as is or do I need to get in shape before joining. My dad told me that they get you in shape during training, but if i'm reading correctly on the website, you must meet the requirements before you can even enlist.

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    Re: Height and Weight Requirements

    Yes, you must meet the weight requirement before joining.
    Assuming you are a male between the ages of 17 and 20 your max allowable weight before you can enlist is 180 lbs. If you can't pass the weight you must pass tape
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      Re: Height and Weight Requirements

      Weight isnt the deciding factor, tape test is. When you enlist, you are enlisted, so yes, enlistment standards must be met to enlist.


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        Re: Height and Weight Requirements

        passing tape isnt hard. Suck it in and flex your next. In BCT we had a guy that was 6' and 298 lbs on day 1. He got in, worked his rear off and graduated.

        If you want to tape yourself look up how to do it and find one of the 100+ calculators online.

        But in the end, yes, you should realy lose at least 50 lbs.