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Antidepressant use

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    Re: Antidepressant use

    Originally posted by Shanti View Post
    I'm just deleting this because I feel like people here have a very narrow mindset, and since I am a much more hopeful person, I'd rather not deal with such things.
    It doesn't matter how much hope you have. And it is not a narrow mindset to lay out the parameters for joining and then simply tell you whether or not you meet them. People come here all the time with things that disqualify them and believe they can make it happen just because they want it to happen so bad. There are other ways to serve your country besides being in the military. Look into perhaps your state defense force if they have one. These are volunteer organizations that work to support the military and still give you a military environment.


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      Re: Antidepressant use

      Originally posted by HR NCO View Post
      I think you are missing the point of what the reg says. You went to the hospital...therefore hospitalization was required. It doesn't matter if you checked yourself in or if you were dragged in kicking and screaming.
      Well, going to the hospital doesn't mean the OP was necessarily "admitted". With psychological issues, a patient can go to the hospital to be evaluated (example, going to the ER) without getting admitted to the psych ward for "long" term evaluation. It's a grey area here that really depends on what her medical records say.

      Considering the OP's requests above, I'm closing this thread.