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Some post MEPS questions.

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  • Some post MEPS questions.

    Hi all,

    I just got out of NY MEPS and was given a ship date and all for the guard as 09S.

    However, it was very vague to me what the situation with the security clearance, background checks, blood and unrine analysis results are.

    My recruiter keeps telling me not to worry saying that the date given 20121105 will be my official ship date to BCT.

    To my actual question: I read on the forums here that someone had received a save the date letter telling them that they are cleared from all the MEPS test.

    Will i hear from them if everything is good?
    How long will I have to wait to hear if I am DQ'd for any reason?

    Thanks for your time!

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    Re: Some post MEPS questions.

    No news is good news. Most likely you will only be notified if something comes back that keeps you from shipping. Otherwise, just plan to ship as scheduled.


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      Re: Some post MEPS questions.

      Thanks for the response.

      The only reason I'm asking about a possible time frame is because I want to use all my Paid time off from my job. But if for some reason I don't ship, I don't want to be stuck with out sick days!

      When will no news be guaranteed, no news at all? =]


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        Re: Some post MEPS questions.

        Well, you should know whether or not they're going to find anything. If you don't have a criminal record and you haven't done drugs, then you should be fine. The only other factor that may play into your security clearance would be financial issues, like not paying your bills. Otherwise I wouldn't worry about it, unless there IS something you're worried about them finding.


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          Re: Some post MEPS questions.

          Like I said, just plan on shipping on your projected date. If your date has to be changed, you will be notified LONG in advance in most cases. Your state is going to want to have it changed at least 60 days out if it has to be. If for some reason you had issues at MEPS you would hear something within 2 weeks or earlier in most cases.


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            Re: Some post MEPS questions.

            Thanks all!

            And to shed light on the one that said it might be because having nothing to hide doesn't mean you'll make it through meps.

            I may just be reading into things too much but I have seen countless posts of people unforeseen complications with unknown bills, and diseases that cause them to be preeminently DQ'd.

            You can argue that these things don't happen often but I was shocked when a kid got DQ'd at MEPS for seeing a psychologist when he was 12.

            It honestly could be anything!

            I think a 2 week time frame is APT.
            Overall, there is a way I would rearrange my life if I were in the guard, and there are things I would not do other wise. I just want to know when I can start using some vacation days!