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'Prior Service' Question

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  • 'Prior Service' Question

    I'll make this as brief as possible, and thanks in advance for any answers. (I won't trouble you with lengthy BS explanations)

    I was discharged last year from 31B. Before 180 days (hence the quotes around 'prior service'). A lot of guys in my unit were on their way to being discharged (we had by far more limp dicks than any other company). I spoke to a DS privately, and also one of the docs @ sick call and expressed my regret in not joining the National Guard to finish my degree (had 1 year left) and going straight to active duty instead. They both said that "refusing to train" would get me out, and a waiver in 6 mos would get me back in (to the Guard). I was the worst refusal to train ever, still training and doing what I had to do. Never a write up.

    Day of discharge comes, and I immediately upon being returned home speak to a NG recruiter and lay out everything. I had/have references from many current NG members (including an officer), a congressman, and my mayor. The recruiter decided to see what he can do and work with me. We waited for the 6 month period to pass, but NGB changed the reg to 1 year after termination. At the 1 year mark, NGB made it so that my RE code was not waiverable (at this time). My recruiter (one of the best I've ever met) upon finding this out, called me and let me know the bad news. He put me in touch with ROTC who said they pretty much follow the same reg. He then put me in touch with an Air Guard recruiter who has since been working with me. Today he called (the only reason I'm posting) and said that my waiver is not covered in his reg. Nothing saying yes or no to my specific issue (RE-3, JGA). I guess my question is, what other options do I have? I'm willing to take on any job just to get back in, and hopefully re-class back to MP later. Once I get back in, I will be able to get in ROTC and go back to Active Duty. The only hurdle left is getting in.

    I have been APPROVED for re-enlistment by our state, but the NGB wouldn't bother looking at my waiver for Army NG. What else can I do to make this right? Also, is the Air Guard basically going to tell me the same thing the Army NG told me? I guess what I'm asking is, does NGB cover both Army and Air Guard.

    Like a wise man once told me, don't go gambling. Let this be a warning to any of you out there. The Army isn't going to wait around for you. I learned the hard way.

    Again, thanks in advance for any and all replies positively or negatively.

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    Re: 'Prior Service' Question

    So what was the reason you got out? If you weren't a limpy and a person that trained? I could of told you that refusal to change and getting back in was BS. Did you talk to a Reserve recruiter? Anyway, former 31B here.


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      Re: 'Prior Service' Question

      I cannot say this with any authority other than my own experiences with people and stories similar to yours, but "refusal to train" is not looked upon lightly, especially considering the current atmosphere in the Army. I understand you have your circumstances, but it's been a challenge for potential recruits with no marks on their record...

      Each situation is unique and you should not lose hope, but you may need to wait until NGB decides it needs Soldiers again. It's all situational, and things change. Hang in there.