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Can I still enlist?

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  • Can I still enlist?

    I was just thinking about the ice hockey injuries I have sustained during my high school years, and I was wondering if they would cause me to be unable to enlist in the Guard. During my freshman year, I split my chin open and I needed it glued shut. There has been no problems since and there is a tiny scar, which is almost invisible. During my sophomore year, I broke my right femur and I now have a titanium rod down the middle of the bone and two titanium pins in my leg. I have had no problems stemming off my this break. My muscle strength is normal and my leg is fully functional. During my junior year, I separated my shoulder and now it's fine. I just had a couple x rays done and the doctors said everything will be fine in four weeks. Well, the shoulder is fine, the strength is normal and natural, and I have no problems with it. And finally, during my senior year, I currently have torn my ACL, so I will need surgery. my orthopedic tells me that he is 99.9% certain that I won't have any problems with it after the surgery. I will completely healed and out of rehabilitation by December, which is still 4 months from when I will enlist. Will any of these mark me as ineligible to enlist? Or will these cause any problems, in your opinion? Or do you think I'll be fine? Thanks

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    Re: Can I still enlist?

    Sounds like you have been through your share of injuries! You would need to disclose all of this to your recruiter and ultimately the MEPS Dr would be the final decision maker. Retained hardware (plates, pins, rods, etc) are not disqualifying if they do not interfere with the equipment and military uniform wear, as long as the fractures are healed, ligaments are stable and there is no pain. They would need more details on your shoulder, to give you a solid answer on that being a potential issue.
    You will need to have all your medical records available for your recruiter.