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Information Request / Procedural Advice Request

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  • Information Request / Procedural Advice Request

    Issue Resolved.
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    Re: Information Request / Procedural Advice Request

    You've mentioned a great deal of information that isn't relevant, and left out some that is relevant. When you get your DD214, tell us the SPD code and narrative, and RE code. Also tell us your current age, because that may play a factor as well.


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      Re: Information Request / Procedural Advice Request

      Originally posted by RSCarbajal2531 View Post

      My name is Robert. I served in the US Marine Corps (Small Craft Co. / HQBN / 2nd Mar Div) as a Field Radio Operator from Jan 1999 to Aug 2000. I was discharged under DADT at the rank of LCPL (E-3). I had no conduct issues and I was given the highest discharge status possible under the circumstances of my discharge (At least thats what my former BN SGT MAJ told me). My discharge status was/is General Under Honorable Conditions. Of course that DADT discharge carried an RE-4 code with it...

      Currently I am self-employed and a full-time student. I am in a bit of a 'mad-dash' to earn my degree so that I can apply to be an officer candidate. I am in Las Vegas, NV and at the present time I am interested in enlisting. I am under no illusions as I know the military is broke and reduction seems to be the ultimate goal currently. However, I would like to know what my chances of getting in are. At this point I am sending out request for needed documentation (DD-214 & Change of discharge status documents). I dont expect to see those anytime soon...

      Would I be required to go through some sort of refresher type training or boot camp or something along those lines? Also would I be expected to preform a job similar to my old MOS or would I have the option to choose from a list of jobs I am qualified for?

      I am sure more questions will come to mind later but I have been up for 37 hours straight so I am a bit foggy...


      I agree. More information is needed to answer your re-enlistment question more thoroughly. Many Prior Service with a DADT discharge are able to go back and change their RE code, allowing them to re-enlist. However, your SPD code and narrative will give more details.

      However, providing everything works out, when it comes to being a Prior Service applicant hailing from the Marine Corps, you won't have to attend Basic Combat Training (BCT) a second time. Here's some general information on being Prior Service and what you can expect:


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        Re: Information Request / Procedural Advice Request

        Issue Resolved...
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