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Question about a medical waiver

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  • Question about a medical waiver

    I am 33 years old, and am in the process of trying to enlist in the National Guard. I have a Master's degree, and scored a 98 on the AFQT section of the ASVAB. My plan after BCT is to go into OCS, although I am not sure which one I will attend. I have been to MEPS twice already, and all that I am waiting on is a waiver for a shoulder surgery I had 16 years ago. I had a slight injury playing football, and instead of letting it heal on it's own, I choose the surgery so that I could start my track season in college. I have had two Ortho doctors, the doc that did the surgery, and a consult doc via MEPS, give me the thumbs up. The request for the waiver was sent out 4 weeks ago today.
    With all that said, my question is two fold, 1. What are the chances that I get the waiver, and 2. How long does it take? I stay in pretty good contact with my recruiter, and he seems a bit puzzled as to why it is taking so long, but has told me that someone with my qualifications should have no issues.
    Thanks for your time.

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    Re: Question about a medical waiver

    Thousands of applicants, hundreds of waivers, multiple stops as they endure the bureaucratic gauntlett, and Jim is on leave until next wednesday.

    People sometimes errononeously believe that the "longer" it takes the more likelyhood is that the decision will be negative. I think people subconciously rationalize it similarly to getting a traffic ticket. "Geesh, he's been in the car with my license awhile...he MUST be writing the ticket!"

    The Army is a complex, cumbersome machine made up of complex, cumbersome people. You just have to wait it out.