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How you told your parents?

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  • How you told your parents?

    Hi all. I really hope this isn't too long.

    I've always been a girl of two extremes; frilly dresses and love of war history, Hello Kitty and airsoft. When it comes to a career, I've been trying desperately to decide whether I want to go into design or medicine. And honestly, I think what hinders me most is my indecision; most school don't have both programs and I can't pay to have two degrees.

    On top of that, I've always had an interest in joining the military. Always. And recently I've been working on getting into my best shape, and am almost at the point where I can pass the APFT with good marks. My mind is pretty much made up.

    I want to join the NG and train as a healthcare specialist, then use the tuition benefit (the school I intend on going to is 100% free for NG, up to 15 credits a semester) to pursue design. Don't think I'm joining solely for the benefit, that'd be crazy haha! But this way I get to experience careers in all three of the fields I want, and learn how to have structure in my life and make better decisions in the process.

    Here's the problem: my parents would probably drop dead if they knew what I planned on doing. I wouldn't call them hippies, but they're pretty **** close. They're really liberal, hate the war, and would probably be scared sh*tless of the chance of me being deployed.

    Soooooo I'm interested in how you told your parents when you joined, and how they reacted. Especially if they disapproved of your decision, and what you did to convince them it was the right one. I want to do this so badly.
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    Re: How you told your parents?

    Approaching your parents with your decision to serve can be challenging! I hope that you can get some unique insight from other members on here.

    I would like to suggest you have your parents visit the National Guard website. There's a section on there dedicated to answering questions parents have of their children becoming a Soldier. Here's the link if you're interested:

    All the best with your enlistment! There's lots of information here on the Forums. Be sure to look around.


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      Re: How you told your parents?

      Perhaps you can show your parents all the liberals in Congress, as well as the President, who support the war in Afghanistan.

      Maintain your composure and rationality, even though you will get a great deal of emotion flung at you. You can't argue with hysterical emotion, but you can starve it of fuel by refusing to return it in kind.

      When you explain your decision, don't start with tuition benefits, but with the intangibles (e.g., service to the nation, personal challenge, defense of the Constitution). Fit the Guard into your larger life's plans, so they see how you've thought this through.


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        Re: How you told your parents?

        I enlisted too, when enlisting was not the cool thing to do. My Ma wasn't too excited about me enlisting into the infantry. But if I had not enlisted, I would have not been able to become a chaplain candidate, and hopefully a chaplain soon enough. Eventually, she really came appreciate what I do, and came to my graduation of chaplain officer basic.

        You have a lot of options in front of you. I know when we are young it's easy to waffle between choices. If you cannot become a 68W try another MOS, also consider ROTC. Enlisting in the Guard then doing ROTC is probably the best experience of all.

        Being in the reserve is an awesome experience. Whether it's getting yelled at by a superior, or standing in first formation and saluting the flag the as it rises, it's all pretty amazing. You do a lot of cool stuff, build a lot of relationships, do many things that seem unreasonable at the time only to look back and say that was pretty cool.