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Question about Enlisting as a Single Parent

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  • Question about Enlisting as a Single Parent

    Im a 20 year old Female and I have a One year old son. Can I still join the National Gaurd? I know i cannot Join the Air Force because I am a single parent so I am wondering if the gaurd is the same way? If i can join, How long will i be away from my son? and What are the benefits as a Parent to join?

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    Re: Question about Enlisting as a Single Parent

    Do NOT give advice if you are just guessing.
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      Re: Question about Enlisting as a Single Parent

      Originally posted by ohiohunter View Post
      You can join but you will have to give custody of your child to someone. Your parents , your sibling, grand parent anyone. Rememer pick someone you can use over and over. When you do get in & go over seas you will have to put your child in foster care until you get back. If you cant find someone to watch him
      Absolutely wrong.

      Your do NOT have to give up custody of your child, you only need to complete a Family Care Plan giving temporary guardianship to someone while you are away for training. As my husband is also in the Guard, my girlfriend is ours. The Guard (tries) to make sure these arrangements are as firm as possible BEFORE allowing a waiver from the AG for a single parent to join. There was too much of an issue in the past with soldiers refusing to deploy due to not having care set up prior. I was a single parent when I enlisted just over a year ago.

      OP talk to a recruiter and ask about a Family Care Plan or use the search function on this forum, it has absolutely been covered before.
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        Re: Question about Enlisting as a Single Parent

        AR 602-210 2-10b8

        It is a BN level waiver with a family care plan for reserve component only. That's current as of today.