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Joining without a GED

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  • Joining without a GED

    I dropped out of high school (idiot yeah I know) and don't have a GED. My recruiter and I were working on me joining the GED plus program. I passed the ASVAB with a 73, passed the AIMS test (though was never told my score) and barley passed the body fat % with 26%. I went to go get my MOS, ship date and swear in, they told me that the Army now combine's the 3 criteria and I didn't pass whatever score. It's not too big of a deal I guess because I have 10 college credits and will just go that route, I just wanted more info on what this was, as no one up there had encountered it or knew what it really was.

    Any info would be great.

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    Re: Joining without a GED

    They use some kind of formula and unfortunately no one seems to know (as far as recruiter go), what actually goes into the criteria. I know many upset recruiters who don't know why their people can't join because of this very thing.l


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      Re: Joining without a GED

      RSP NCO,
      Thank you for your reply, this is the general gist of what happened at MEPS. Kind of irritating, but I cant blame anyone other than myself.


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        Re: Joining without a GED

        This is happening up here at the Boston MEPS as well. The National Guard is combining the scores of the ASVAB/AIMS/TAPAS tests and no one is sure why or what formula they are using. ANYONE without a HS Diploma has to go through this process. Also, anyone who already has a diploma but scores BELOW a 50% on the ASVAB must also be subjected to taking the AIMS/TAPAS tests. There is no way to study for them as we do not know what's on them. The scoring formula is classified so I have no suggestions for anyone.



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          Re: Joining without a GED

          I read on other posts that getting into the GED Plus program is better than getting your GED and 15 college credits. Are they still doing the GED Plus program? states vary, I know. Im kind of in the same boat in the WA-OR area. I meet all the requirements to join except the GED (im scheduled to take it in a month) Which would be better?