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Do you need medical records for appendectomy

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  • Do you need medical records for appendectomy

    Hi, I posted this in another thread subject heading, but am posting it again here as I am not sure which one it should really go under. When I was a child, about 6 years old, I had an Appendectomy. I know that all surgical questions are supposed to be reported and documented in lieu of attending MEPS, but in this case I don't believe that any still exist, as it happened almost 25 years ago. I could not even guess as to who the doctor was that performed the operation, or even if he is still alive. The hospital where I believe the operation would have been performed has since closed. I am concerned that the examining physician might notice this scar, and if he asks about it, I will not be able to present him with any documentation which might lead him to disqualify me. I'm sure I cant be the only person looking to join the guard who has had an Appendectomy before. Can anyone please give me some advice as to what I need to do? Thank you so much.


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    Re: Do you need medical records for appendectomy

    If your other threads are being deleted, take the hint. It's only necessary to post your thread once.