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Thinking of joining - some questions about professions

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  • Thinking of joining - some questions about professions

    Hi all,

    Sorry if this topic seems not 100% appropriate for this forum, but I did not find anything better. I am really in need of
    advice and will be very grateful. There are really two questions.

    1) My wife wants to join and become a Cryptologic Linguist. She is Russian, and this language was mentioned in job advertisements, so she expects to use it as her speciality. The question is: can it happen that after the Basic Training (or after she is enlisted, anyway) she will be told that the Army does not need Russian speakers at this moment? And can she be ordered to study some other language (Arabic, Afghan, or something of the kind) to be sent to a mission in a hot spot?

    2) As for me, I am very interested in the Vehicle Mechanic career, as I am fond of mechanics and cars. The question is almost the same: what are the chances of being sent to such places as Afghanistan etc.? I am not reluctant to serve, and I am not afraid, but it's not exactly my dream to be sent to such a place. I know that the National Guard is not the same as the Army, this is why I am asking - is there any real difference, or after the training a National Guard member can be sent to a mission anywhere as easily as if he/she was in the regular Army?

    I will be very grateful for explanations.