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Didn't pass the AIMS?

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  • Didn't pass the AIMS?

    I am wondering if anyone could shed some light on the AIMS test.
    Apparently I didn't "pass" it, so they will not let me enlist.

    ASVAB Percentile Score: 48
    GT:101 CL:101 CO:107 EL:105 FA:107 GM:106 MM:108 OF:107 SC:104 ST:106

    TAPAS-WD: 130.18
    TAPAS-CD: 137.25

    Passed my Physical.

    What is the deal?

    Any suggestions on what I should do?

    My recruiter told me he tried to get a waiver, but it's not looking like it's going to work out.

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    Re: Didn't pass the AIMS?

    I just enlisted by the way and just recently took the aims had a buddy who took it two and got a low score on it and couldnt enlist but here is what you should do retake or take the tapas test which is another personality test or retake the asvab and get a higher AFQT


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      Re: Didn't pass the AIMS?

      Right when I turned 18 I went up to MEPS with an Active Duty Army Recruiter, and I processed. I passed Medical, scored a 90 on my ASVAB, and passed my TAPAS, but my recruiter received a call on the way home that I did not score high enough on the AIMS to qualify for enlistment. Everything happens for a reason, but looking back It was probably the worst feeling I have ever experienced missing qualification by such a small margin.

      So I went and talked to a Guard Recruiter, and I was told I had to retake the ASVAB, which I scored a 90 AFQT on and raise my score in Assembling Objects, which I did not even try hard on because my other recruiter told me not to worry about it. All in all, you're best bet is to retake the ASVAB.


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        OK so I took the ASVAB and scored a 53 but failed the aims test with a 33 what I was wanting to know since I have already enrolled in a college and at the time have 3 college credits can the aims test waived and join the national guard and continue with my studies after BCT.