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    Re: Expunged Record

    Originally posted by Greg8778 View Post
    I am trying to enlist with a DUI on my record and am from CA, I have been going through this enlistment for the past 7 months its a very lengthy process and if your lucky enough to get a recruiter that will even help you thats a plus, recruiters dont have the time to do all the paperwork that is associated with suitability reviews and waivers. FYI my recruiter told me that when we look for jobs it will be very limited, **** it, Cook it, or fix it were the he said not to expect to ever get a rank higher then an E-6, do to security clearence issues. My DUI was over 11 years ago, 10 years is the timeframe that a DUI will fall of your driving record in CA. I was told when I spoke to the interviewer at MEPS that it looked favorable, but not certain, Drugs were a definite disqualifier. Good Luck
    A single DUI 11 years ago probably isn't going to stop a security clearance assuming that is the ONLY negative thing you have to list. They work off the whole character concept.
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      Re: Expunged Record

      Originally posted by Jekyll&Hyde View Post
      Hi, I am extremely interested in enlisting and have a question. Five years ago I enlisted in the Marine Corps. Celebrated before boot and got a Misdemeanor DUI. Served my days, paid my fine and went to classes. Had a valid Drivers License ever since. My probation was three years and recruitment office said I would have to wait a year after probation was up. I have a couple tattoos on my forearms and Marine Corps wont take me now. I spoke with Army and they said I need 15 college credits with my GED. (i have GED) I am in the process of getting my record expunged. Will that cause further complications? Im just trying to do the right thing and serve my country and do it now. Any information, advice and/or suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.
      I should have stated my first post like this, You will have to disclose your DUI information, and let me say that every single piece of info from your DUI's that you can get you will need, Proof of finishing the DUI class, proof of payment of fine, proof you finished probation even if it was summary probation, being that my DUI was 11yrs old this info could have been hard to come by luckily my wife saves have a 50/50 chance of getting in provided you get a recruiter that will do the leg work, be prepared to wait a while, and make sure your ready to go once you get to the recruiting office, the recruiter isnt going to like to see someone overweight and unwilling to help him out provided he is going to have alot of work ahead of him....just my 2 cents...GOOD LUCK


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        Re: Expunged Record

        Originally posted by ParalegalNCO1 View Post
        Views are opinions..I provided facts. "Sounding like opinions to me", is an opinion. Hence, my statement.
        I'm sorry but you dump a lot of blanket opinions and call them facts. This thread is one of them.


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          Re: Expunged Record

          Originally posted by RedLeg View Post
          I'm sorry but you dump a lot of blanket opinions and call them facts. This thread is one of them.
          No, you just disagree with everything I say for the sake of it.

          I clarify lautenberg and restraining orders for enlistment state to seek local attorney advice (which is irrelevant and just plain wrong).

          I say never give a statement if read your say that isn't a good idea (it always jams you up..ALWAYS..which is why the Trial Counsel/MP/IO wants you to write one).

          I say always appeal an Article say I have never done Military Justice in in a title 10 enviroment and I am wrong and that you have given article 15's. (whippty doo. I am a freakin Military Justice NCOIC, I think I have that one covered). Not to mention you went as far as trying to correct me on the process and telling me that all of them get a legal review which is just blatantly wrong.

          I could go on and on.....

          If I can show you something in black and white and you still don't believe it then I am unsure how to overcome ignorance. I deal with it every day with officers who want to be more in charge then the regulations will allow. But its ok, because when they do their own thing and the documents get to me and do actually get a legal review, we just have a superior commander overturn the action. Then CPT Snuffy comes back into my office all huffy and puffy about how we need to "do something" and I look at him and say....Sir, I tried to tell you.

          In this particular thread, I was wrong, specifically about the 7 year rule since it has apparantly changed some,..... but it was never an opinion.
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            Re: Expunged Record

            1.) In the eyes of the recruiting command, expungement of any offence is still seen as GUILTY. One must be deemed guilty of something to later be granted an expungemnent from it. The same applies to "NO-LO".

            2.) Each state is different, in Rhode Island, we still have a GED enlistment waiver in effect. If your home state doesn't accept GED's, look at any nearby state GUARD and inquire about their GED standards.

            I hope this was a little helpful.