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  • Medical Waivers

    Sorry to bring up another waiver question. I am just wondering about the probability of my waiver going through. I had shoulder surgery in 1998. My shoulder was loose from playing many sports. I never had a specific injury, no dislocation, no hardware inserted. I couldn't get medical records as they have been purged due to how long ago the surgery was. So, I submitted a letter from an Orthopedic consult to MEPS that I had done a couple of months back. Letter states that my shoulder is 100 percent normal - range of motion, strength, stability. The MEPS MD disqualified me for "history of shoulder instability." My recruiter said this is normal and now he is submitting my info to the Surgeon General of the Guard for review. Assuming he is satisfied with what the paperwork says, he will issue a letter to the MEPS MD authorizing me to complete my physical at MEPS. Then after my physical, he will submit a waiver.
    What are the chances of the Surgeon General approving me to go to MEPS and then if that happens what are the chances of this medical waiver going through with the current downsizing climate?
    I know it really depends on the doctor reviewing it, and all kinds of other variables. I just wanted some opinions.
    I also submitted a notarized letter that states I have had no problems since the surgery and rehab. I included that I have played sports since the surgery and have also gone through two Correctional Academies with no issues.

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    Re: Medical Waivers

    Waivers are granted case to case. While the National Guard has set standards ,each state will also narrow them further depending on their needs. You seem to be going about this in a good way. There is no way of really knowing the out come as there are many variables. I am not a doctor by any means, but based on the information you provided you have a better chance than not.


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      Re: Medical Waivers

      Thanks Firefly. It isn't really a good time to need a waiver but we will see. What is frustrating is the MEPS Dr disqualified me for "History of Shoulder Instability" even though it was repaired and I didn't even get to go to MEPS. It would have been nice if the Doctor evaluated my shoulder himself before giving me the DQ. I guess it is in the hands of the Surgeon General now.

      I love your name by the way!
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        Re: Medical Waivers

        This thread can help