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(Current graduate student) A few questions about joining the Guard

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  • (Current graduate student) A few questions about joining the Guard

    Good morning,

    I am a current graduate student and will graduate in March 2015. I am interested in enlisting either 11B or 09S. Could someone explain how my situation would work in regards to the fact that I have a significant amount of school left before I would ship out to basic. Would I be in the RSP until then? My classes meet every other weekend on friday evenings and saturday during the day, would this work with the RSP? I also had a few questions in regards to how long I would be away initially both if I enlisted 11B or 09S. I have read that the length of being away for 11B is anywhere from 10 weeks to 16 weeks, could someone clarify? Is the length away initially for 09S 8 weeks? I understand you then come home (or not) and figure out your OCS situation whether it be traditional/accelerated/federal. Thank you!

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    Best advice with the Drill issue is to just ask your local recruiter. State RSPs can differ in their attendance policies but, I'm sure they'll work with you on your schedule if conflicts arise.

    I can see you have a decent grasp on things. But allow me to break it down "barney style" just to be as specific as possible.

    11b is a One Station Unit Training type of Initial Entry Training (IET) lasting 16 weeks.
    You would remain at one place (usually Fort Benning) for all of IET
    OSUT is broken into 5 phases, Red, White, Blue, Black and Gold
    Red White and Blue are the "BCT" Basic Combat Training phases and Black and Gold are the "AIT" Advanced Individual Training
    Reception, Red, White and Blue are 12 weeks long. Black and Gold are 4 weeks.

    O9S is an Officer Candidate Enlistment Option. Similar to 09R (ROTC) or O9W (Warrant Officer Candidate) Enlistment Options.
    All three attend BCT for 12 weeks then attend the assigned officer training.
    An O9S will then return home to attend State OCS (~18 months) Accelerated OCS (8 Weeks) or Federal OCS (12 Weeks in Ft. Benning)
    Upon completion of BCT and Entry into OCS, the O9S Soldier will be administratively promoted to E6 for the purpose of pay during OCS.
    If a candidate does not complete OCS, they will be lower to their previous rank/grade and be assigned a time to go complete an enlisted MOS at that MOS's AIT training location.

    Any questions? Post a reply. Good Luck.


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      Thank you for the reply aweisenberger, I appreciate it. Could you tell me about your situation and what your mos is in the guard? Also, I currently am unemployed and I am actively seeking employment. What os the best way to tackle the Guard angle in regards to seeking employment and having to leave for say 12 weeks in the relative near future? I fully understand USERRA etc, would it be wrong to take a position and have to leave down the road for training? Thanks again!