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Things to increase waiver chance.

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  • Things to increase waiver chance.

    So in a nutshell I am prior service, was discharged from the Army before my 3 year contract was complete. They discharged me with a separation code of JFM and reentry code of 3. I had "seizures" as a toddler, but never had them again until I got into the military. When I had them in the Army they discovered I had a tumor in my body that caused my blood sugar to drop in the middle of the night which caused me to have these "seizures" again. They removed my tumor and then I didn't have them again, but at my next duty station decided to medically discharge me because of my "preexisting" condition.

    Again I don't have them anymore, and am trying to get back in the Army. I am in the process of being seen by VA doctors (both a general doctor and neurologist) to write letters saying the condition no longer exists and that I am fit for military service. Is there ANYTHING else I can try and do to increase my chances of getting a waiver for this? I was told by some people who were vets that I should try and get high ranking military persons to write a letter or two, but I don't know if that would help in my chances. Again I am looking for anything that could help whether it helps a little or a lot. I figure the more I include in my waiver request the better.

    Please any help in order to get me back in would be greatly appreciated.


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    A seizure condition is considered potentially serious. You would be better off including as many 2nd opinions, etc by doctors verifying and confirming that the condition no longer exists and is not likely to re-occur. High ranking military personnel letter may help if this was a moral waiver, attesting to your character, but the Surgeon General and MEPS don't give a rat's bum if a four star general says you're 'fit for service'; they are concerned with your medical suitability for duty as a relapse on duty or in the battle field could not only risk your life but those around you who may be relying on you. Get DOCTORS letters......good luck.


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      That's what I was thinking.

      Last week I went to Auddie Murphy and had a localized CT scan on my midsection where my tumor was found and removed while in service. They revealed nothing was present and everything was still normal normal looking and fully healed. According to them all scans were "negative". So what I have now is a CT scan with the doctor saying everything is fine, and then note from my VA Clinic saying I'm healthy and fit for service. So do two letters seem like enough?