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First RSP drill.

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  • First RSP drill.

    I recently enlisted, and i am scheduled to attend RSP drill 20140201. I am scheduled to ship for BCT 20140304. I would be lying if i said i was not nervous about it, but i do have questions before i go. The packet i received from MEPS said i am to report Saturday 20140201 at 0700. I am early for everything so is it okay to arrive earlier? Also i do not want to wear anything that i am not supposed to. My packet said to wear and bring a separate set of PT clothes. Is this all of the clothes i am supposed to bring? I really have not gotten much information from my recruiter since I have sworn in, and i am counting on my friends that are currently in the Reserves to show me what to bring/not bring, wear not wear. I also just told my employer today about my choice to enlist in the Guard. I was told to give them my orders, but i do not have any orders as of yet, when should i expect to get them? I guess you could say i am really nervous about my decision to enlist, but still very proud that i did. I know everyone is going to screw up and get smoked for it, but I like to make sure i know what I am getting myself into before I do it. Any help would be VERY appreciated.

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    This may not be helpful for I haven't been to rsp just yet, but I have read a lot and watched a lot of YouTube videos. For me im a female so my input may be a little different also. My girlfriend has been to 3 rsp and what she takes is an overnight bag. Personal hygiene items (shaving, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, etc....)
    2 sets of PT clothes ( becuase you will get wet and muddy)
    1 set of civilian clothes to wear until you get issued your rsp uniform.

    Its pretty basic just like an overnight stay somewhere. Don't sweat it. Depending on where you are it should be pretty easy. Good luck


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      Being nervouse is normal. I just finished my first rsp drill and I was sooo nervouse. Now I look back and think WHY As for what to wear, did your recruiter tell you to show up in your pt? If so do that. Yes if it says to bring an extra pair do so. Also bring a pair of jeans and a t shirt, along with extra socks and underware. Since you are shipping out so soon they may not issue you an acu. So you may just stay in your civi clothes. But thats just how my unit was so idk. Honestly, just send your recruiter a text or call him and ask. Its not annoying its you looking prepared. Have fun!!