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How to deal with conduct unbecoming from the civilian perspective?

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  • How to deal with conduct unbecoming from the civilian perspective?

    This may not be the correct forum for this type of inquiry, but I would like some guidance on how this situation could and should be handled. My fiance is an active member in the guard at a specific location. She is currently on active duty orders to perform her position. She takes her job seriously and has a lot of pride in her military status (as do I). However, a few of the members of her unit (also on active duty orders) are a complete embarrassment to the core principles of a member of the United States military. They have extravagant nail polish on their nails while in uniform. They take time off of work during normal business hours to go to a Salon and get their hair worked on. They show up 1-2 hours later than expected every day to work, taking hour long breaks "for coffee." They do not perform their work and do not hold accountability for their actions. They take days off of work without informing anyone and then get upset with my fiance for not informing their commander of their absences. These members of the National Guard are in their mid-30's as well, so these are not children. These are adults who represent the core principles of our prestigious military. Obviously these are all stories told to me from my fiance, so there is a chance they are exaggerated. Even if that is the case, if ANY of these situations are even remotely is still an issue that should be dealt with. The commander of this unit apparently has no interest in delegating and correcting the actions of his soldiers.

    My questions involve the possibilities that can be performed by either myself or my fiance. Obviously going up the chain of command is an option, but if they are consistently turning a blind eye to this situation, that will end up being a waste of time. Everyone has a boss, however, so I would be curious as to what the proper procedure would be to deal with this issue and get these "soldiers" a little structure and discipline while they wear that uniform. There is no way a member of the military should behave in this fashion. They are poor role models and a terrible representation of what the military stands for (Honor, Integrity, Professionalism, etc). Is there a way to issue a complaint based on conduct unbecoming as a civilian? Or even through my fiance? I would assume if an outsider were to complain of a poor behavior of a member of their command, they would want to deal with it immediately.

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    This is a matter for your fiance to address; not yours.


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      If her work environment has become that toxic, it seems like a good time to exercise the commander's open door policy.


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        Chief Kemosabe: I actually disagree completely. As a tax payer, I have full authority to issue any complaint in regards to how military personnel behave. If I see a Marine beat up someone in a bar, I have the right to contact that Marine's commanding officer and request that the conduct be dealt with. When you swear an oath to uphold the standards of the United States military, and do not abide by that oath, you are subject to punishment. As a civilian, my opinions and concerns are just as important as anyone else, and I would hope that a commander of any form would not disregard a civilian's claim. On a second a former Marine, I also have the knowledge and expectations of the members of the military in which I served. If I see a member of the military out of regulations, misbehaving, or doing anything that is unbecoming of a military member in the United States, it is my obligation to ensure that the proper channels are notified so that it may be dealt with. The individuals are disgracing the very military that I devoted many years of my life to. These things are important to me and it bothers me to see them abused by those who do not deserve to wear the uniform.

        enceladus: I agree with this, but her commander is actually only a weekend employee at the time, so I am assuming she would end up having to go above his head as well, to get any real resolution.


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          Roger, as I'm sure you know, commanders at all levels usually have an open door policy, so she may have to go beyond her immediate chain.

          Also, I think your idea of intervening, while well-intentioned, will be counter-productive. You risk undermining your wife, which may make the situation worse. If the behavior around her is as bad as she says it is, it should be something she can handle internally. Unless they're doing something dangerous or illegal, I agree with Chief--it's best for you to stay out of it.


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            Fair enough, I suppose that make sense. I will let her be the handler of the situation and provide assistance on the back end for her if necessary.


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              Guinea, you may disagree but I stand by my response. You even said that the information you receiving is hearsay from your wife. If you want to save the world from every issue that you may think is inappropriate because you are a "taxpayer", then you might try to resolve the problems of your local postal workers (who abuse their privilege by overstaying their lunch hour by 5 minutes), cops and firemen (who receive a free meal from a local business) and even cross over to boundaries of dealing with issues at your local walmart. For you seeking out a forum to address this petty gripe, kind of tells me the kind of person you may be; which I may believe is somewhat wrapped up too tight. Have your wife search the regs under AR 670-1 and tell her to report to her local IG if her jealousy of these unprofessional females is so rampant. I hope your wife is not an NCO because she clearly lacks the balls to handle these matters. If she is not, she could still do an on the spot. Anyway and hopefully an NCO in her AO can simply make a on the spot correction versus some former military member.

              And if a Marine beats someone in a bar, I hope you have the full facts before running to find his commander. Instead, you should possess an intestinal fortitude of backing him up and helping him get out of a jam. The is the true definition of a US Marine. I been there and done that. If I was a Commander and you came to me with that, I will personally escort you out of my office with a boot in your third point of contact lol. With my nearly 24 years of service and counting, I help my brother and sisters in arms; no matter what; than try to bring harm to them. I do agree the punishment should fit the crime but you you should work with an individual first then making rash accusations.

              Good day.
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