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  • Few Questions

    Enlisted on Sept 30th as 91B. Ship to basic on the 23rd in Fort Benning Georgia. I have my first RSP in Ithaca NY and was just wondering what it's like? What should I wear what should I bring.... All that good stuff. Also I am perfectly fine with the MOS I have signed for but when would I be able to change it? (If you can even do that) also I heard that usually recruits will only go to 3 or 4 RSPs before shipping. According to the RSP schedule I was given I will be attending 9! Is there a maximum you can attend? And since I'm attending so many is there any chance of me being E-2 going into basic? Sorry for the overload of questions. Thanks for any help.

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    You probably wont be able to change your MOS until after your initial contract is over. I can't tell you what things will be like in 3-6 years but right now money is really tight, so switching jobs is unlikely even at the end of a contract although it is certainly possible. I switched MOS' in the middle of my initial contract because my job as a 13E had disappeared due to my state NG getting rid of all field artillery so I had no choice but to choose a different MOS. I don't know that there is a maximum you can attend, I'm not well spun up on RSP. As far as getting promoted before going to basic, maybe. The time in grade requirement for E-2 is 6 months, so if you attend 9 drills you will meet the TIG requirement for promotion. However, I don't know if soldiers can be promoted before they graduate BCT. I'm sure someone more spun up on RSP will chime in.


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      My understanding is that you have one year to ship to BCT from the date you join. If that is accurate then you could potentially attend 12 RSP drills. As far as gaining rank, it is possible to gain rank during RSP. In the past there was a program called stripes for skills that allowed you to earn a certain amount of rank prior to shipping, but I don't know if that still exists. You can talk with your Cadre or recruiter for more info on how to gain rank.

      As far as what to bring to your first RSP drill, it depends on whether your staying overnight or not. For clothes I would go with Jeans (no holes) and polo shirt or guard T-shirt if you have been given one. Bring clothes to PT as well as all of the toiletries necessary to shower and clean yourself up. If staying the night then you will want shorts and shower shoes as well. Make sure your hair is trimmed and neat and shave each morning of drill. The first drill will probably have a lot of classroom time, but there could be a lot on the spot corrections (PT) as well, so be prepared for anything. It will help going in if you know your rank structure and the Army Values. Any little bit that you can learn prior to the first drill will help you out.


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        Sorry for the long response! But I've been to 3 RSP drills and I love it so far. I'm a junior in high school so I ship BCT as soon as school ends. I'm split op so I come back for more rsp during senior year right? So... more questions.... this summer after around the end of basic my parents plan on driving down to fort banning for the graduation. Should they plan on staying down there for a few days? They'd have to get a hotel right? And since I'm split op do I drive back home with them right after family day and the graduation?


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          Fort Benning I meant... not banning.. and also if I live relatively close to my unit after AIT during drill do I have to stay overnight at the hotel? Or do I have the option to go home after then first day of drill weekend then drive back for the second?


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            There is a Family Day immediately preceding graduation, so they will need a hotel room for at least one night. As for post-IET lodging, our state (and I believe this is standard, correct me if I'm wrong) furnishes lodging for one night if you live over 50 miles away and two nights if you live over one hundred miles away like I do. If you live nearby, you will sleep at your home, excluding overnight FTXs and Annual Training.