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Split Option Enlistment Experiences

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  • Split Option Enlistment Experiences

    I'm looking for someone who has done the Split Op Enlistment (Enlisted and did basic training between their junior and senior year in high school)
    I was wanting to know if it seems to make their Senior Year more difficult or if it is normal. I've heard all kinds of things that it can be anything from hard to adjust back to easy.
    I'm also a female, if that helps any.

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    Re: Split Option Enlistment Experiences

    I was split OP in 1983 and 1984 and had no issues whatsoever. There was no cell phones or Internet back then or 24 hour cartoons and I did it.


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      Re: Split Option Enlistment Experiences

      I was a split OP in 2003. It was nice because I got basic out of the way in one summer then AIT the next. During that year I spent drill with my unit and they more or less taught me my MOS before I even went to AIT. So going to AIT as a 13E I already had a big understanding of cannon fire direction control. It was a small leg up on my peers.

      Now the bad side, I hated my senior year after coming back from basic. In a lot of ways I felt I had matured a few years in just a few months of time and was not interested in most of the stupid crap high school seniors were interested in. I knew that once I left for AIT I was getting deployed immediately after because of my units deployment number was called, I even missed AIT graduation so I could make it back in time to start MOB training. So for the second half of my senior year I was wrapping my head around the thought of deployment. That situation is a little unique for split OP's. I had a buddy who also did split OP with me, in the same unit etc. He couldn't keep himself in shape and never made it to AIT because he couldn't make height and weight. I was a varsity soccer athlete so I didn't have any issues there but some split OP's struggle with maintaining physical fitness AND military bearing. Which is probably the reason why they created RSP instead of having the soldier drill with their units like I did.

      In the end, if I could do it all over again I would not have gone split OP or even joined the NG. I would have gone active duty right after high school instead.