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  • Pt question?

    I have a question regarding the pre basic pt test. I was informed by my recruiter, after I joined the national guard that I would have to pass a pt test. Not worried about the push-ups or the sit ups, but I'm lagging in the running department and I'm working on it but I don't think I'm going to be able to pass the 8:30 mile in 3 weeks and by no means am I giving up. However I've talked to a lot of people and read a bunch of stuff online and have yet to see anything that says you have to pass in order to be able to shipped off. So has anybody else heard this and seen it and black and white? Any insight would be much appreciated.

    Future 15T

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    Re: Pt question?

    Check your contract...


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      Re: Pt question?

      The answer to that question is in the threads..however the answer is no. Although you don't have to pass you should have it in your head that you have to. It should provide for better motivation and you should be preparing anyway. Run, run, run. My first RSP was great until I had to run and my timing wasn't that off. Came in at 8:42 but it broke my attitude and made me change the mind set. Each run time afterwards got shorter with practice.