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    Re: WA Guard RSP @ JBLM

    Originally posted by HR NCO View Post
    I'd like to see a page from that policy limiting the amount of passenger to 4. Until I see that, once again you spout off at the mouth with ridiculous statments.
    Originally posted by Mongoose772 View Post
    Perhaps I am familiar with bodily injury and liability rates. Perhaps, I know that lovely Washington State (I will be at Fort Lewis in another month or for a few days as an accessions subject matter expert to MS3s in case you want to get together and discuss your career plans or auto insurance) has 25/50/10 liability minimums. And perhaps after 23 years of being a career public safety officer, my military background notwithstanding, I perhaps would understand the very real possibility that a SINGLE occupant could easily exceed a minimum liability policy limits. That's the risk drivers take if they choose not to up their coverage limits. It has NOTHING to do whatsoever with the number of passengers allowed in the motor vehicle. The risk of being under-insured is just as great with a SINGLE occupant versus 4 or 5 or 6. Perhaps my brothers in arms here will agree that your initial, name dropping, over the top reply to the OPs request for a ride was as disingenuous as you are. You used an ad hominmem attack on my ability to understand risk management and personal liability, but still never answered the question regarding an insurance policy that has an occupancy limit. You don't answer directly, because there IS no real answer. I'm sure many of us deal with similar evasive tactics from our own children. I know I do from time to time. What it makes you is a bull **** artist. Not that we all didn't already know that. We did. You’re really only fooling yourself. Well, maybe yourself and the poor RSP private…which is ultimately why I take my valuable time to respond.
    Risk of being under insured is greater the higher the number of people. Designated Driver as in the person who is driving us, is using his SUV under his insurance. As for working out, the others don't mind working out at all. Nor driving to a workout, insurance coverage is a big deal, not everyone can afford high rates for higher coverage. We're all at the minimum allowable car insurance coverage, to do more than 4 in his SUV he's not comfortable with. I drive an F150 but don't have the gas money to distance drive in it (it's how I afford tuition, and hense why we're carpooling in an SUV).

    What period of next month are you heading down to Ft Lewis? We'll be going back there again next month.


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      Re: WA Guard RSP @ JBLM

      Oh boy. Derailed enough.