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RSP red and white phase

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  • RSP red and white phase

    I had my first RSP drill this weekend. It wasn't that bad. The cadre didn't have their powerpoint slides so it was mainly just discussions about what we would have seen on the slides.

    For PT, we did the insanity workout. It wasn't bad but we had to do it on a solid concrete floor which isn't the ideal places for training. The reason being was that was the only place that could accommodate a tv while we did PT.

    I only have one more drill (white phase) before my ship date on the 21st of May which I am glad to have. Everyone gets to ride on a Black-hawk helicopter if they knew their blood type to submit this weekend for dog tags. For those who didn't which was 14 out of 18 people, they will miss the opportunity next drill unless they can get the info to the correct SGT in time.

    So for those that have will have RSP, know your blood type. It may benefit you.

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    Re: RSP red and white phase

    Since this next month will be your last drill, and probably will be a lot of paperwork (April is a big month for shippers), make sure you take the initiative to start getting a handle on your rank structure, army creed, army song, and the 3 general orders. Knowing these, especially for your short time in RSP, will put you lightyears ahead of many of the PVTs once you get to basic, especially the active ones, who don't have as in depth of a pre-ship program. Also, learning the movements and exercises of the PT program will help you out on your first few days in your training unit, so go through this as you have time and learn the proper movements for the exercises. they will help you alot on those first few days of being dragged out of bed at 0430 in a mass of confusion and exhaustion.