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Questions about WO with 42A MOS

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  • Questions about WO with 42A MOS

    Hello everyone,

    A little bit background about me: I am currently an E-4 with 42A (Human Resources) MOS waiting for my promotion to become an E-5. I have been serving in the Minnesota NG for couple years. I joined the Guard as a 09S and went to the traditional OCS. Unfortunately, I dropped out from OCS voluntarily during Phase II due to a dream job that I got from a State Government Department. I have a bachelor in Human Resources Management and a master degree in Healthcare and Human Services Administration (a more specialized MBA). Even though I have only couple years of experience working as a HR specialist in the NG, I have been working in HR field for 4 years.

    I just knew that there is a WO option for 42A MOS when a friend of mine (whom went to the same OCS class and graduated) recommended me to take look. I found this link and it generally told me everything. However, I still have couple questions:

    - If I am qualify and be selected, will I receive a direct commission as WO? Or I have to go through WOCS again?
    - I worry that I don't have enough military experience in HR to be competitive for the selection board, does anyone have experience about this selection process?
    - Between applying for direct commission to become a commissioned officer and applying for WO, which one is better for my situation as I already have a very good civilian career job that yield me very little time for anything else.

    Thank you so much in advance

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    I have a similar story as yours and will write soon. I am at a Mexican restaurant now eating. When I'm done; I fully respond.


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      Originally posted by Chief Kemosabe View Post
      I have a similar story as yours and will write soon. I am at a Mexican restaurant now eating. When I'm done; I fully respond.
      Thank you Chief. I am looking forward for your input


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        Well I reclassed to 42A in the 90s and served in that MOS for nearly six years before leaving to AD in 2003. Also, I resigned from traditional OCS while in the Guard. When I came on AD, I took a voluntary reduction for 31B and then learned about the WO route and requirements. So I saw paths to 420A, 251A/254A and a CID track (that had to be selected for as an enlisted agent). So I applied for 420A in 2005 and submitted all my docs to their proponent and their CW5 (I think Wigglesworth was his name) informed me that I was not competitive enough to be boarded. Granted this was for regular Army warrant and they just saw my 6 years in the Guard as an NCO 42A with just 8+ months of actual 42A experience. I was in a Personnel Services Detachment. Afterwards, I focused on Signal Warrant and got selected. WO route expects that you have some NCO years in that MOS to be qualified. Perhaps the Guard will look at your civilian expertise.

        My buddy was an E6 when he was selected for 420A in the Guard. Idiot got kicked out, even after getting an tech job at STARC because he was looking at adult related stuff on his work computer.

        So I suggest that you talk to your state's WOSM on 420A openings (which I do see a lot on S1NET) and find out who is a senior 420A Warrant in your state. Contact that individual and find out how you can submit a competitive packet. BTW, my 6 months in traditional OCS did not waive me for WOCS. I had to attend the 6 week WOCS at Fort Rucker. Good luck.
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          I just read the NG/Reserve requirements (much more added than 2005) and what is going to hurt you is that you have no NCO time nor the ALC requirement. In addition, lacking a deployment as a 42A. It is a long shot but if there are lacking qualified people in the state applying, you might get some pre-requisites waived.
          (42A/F/L) National Guard/US Army Reserve
          • Grade: SGT or above – E-5 applicant’s packets must meet the prerequisites shown below. ALC/BNCOC, evaluation and experience requirements will not automatically be waived due to an E-5’s recent DOR.
          • MOS: Applicants must have a Primary MOS (PMOS) of 42A/F/L.
          • All applicants for NG Recruiter (79T/V) positions must have secondary or additional MOS and NCOER experience in the 42 series MOS.
          • Applicants that have served successfully as a Readiness NCO with strong HR comments documented in evaluations will be taken into consideration as long as all other prerequisites are met.
          • Note: Applicants must have one of the above feeder MOSs. Applicants that can show Army HR experience without award of the required feeder MOS must submit strong unit justification as to why applicant has not or cannot be awarded feeder MOS.
          • Full-time Unit Technicians (GS/AGR) – Consideration will be given to applicants with at least 5 years of outstanding documented and evaluated Human Resource (HR) experience. Copies of evaluations documenting HR experience must be submitted.
          • Official DA Photo
          • Military Education: Military Education: Applicants, at a minimum, must be a 42A ALC/BNCOC Graduate. A waiver could be granted by the CWOAGC/AG Proponent Warrant Officer on a case-by-case basis for successful completion of the Brigade S1 Course and/or the HR Plans and Operation Course and/or the Human Resources Management Qualification Course.
          • Civilian Education: 30 semester hours of college with a minimum of six (6) semester hours of college level English included from an accredited academic institution. Speech and public speaking courses are not considered as meeting this requirement even if administered by the English department of an institution. Successful completion of the CLEP general examination in English or an undergraduate degree is the only acceptable alternatives. Transcripts comprised of only military training credit are not acceptable. Applicants must obtained credit from an accredited college. The Department of Education maintains a database of accredited postsecondary education institutions and programs at
          • Experience: Possess a minimum of three (3) years HR operational experience, of which 18 months specifies leadership experience supervising Soldiers, in Human Resource operations that is documented on NCOERs.
          • Submit all Evaluations: Submit evaluations reflecting a minimum of 36 months in HR Operation with at least fully capable performance ratings.
          • Must possess a Letter of recommendation from a Senior Human Resource Technician (CW3-CW5), assigned to the applicant's organization, that attests to your technical and tactical competence in CMF 42. In organizations where no Senior Human Resource Technician is assigned, a letter of recommendation from a Senior Human Resource Technician assigned to the applicant's installation will also meet this requirement.
          • Substitution of Experience: Practical experience acquired from military/civilian positions may be substituted provided the experience is documented by employee evaluations and determined to be equivalent to military experience. A portion of practical experience requirement may be waived for applicants who have a degree in Human Resource Management or Business Administration from an accredited academic institution. Credit can be granted as follows:
            • A Bachelor degree may offset up to 1 years of practical experience
            • A Master degree may offset up to 2 years of practical experience
            • Applicant’s grade point average (GPA) must be at least 2.0 on a 4.0 scale to qualify for experience substitution and must be indicated on school transcript.
          • APFT: A request for APFT (three-event) waiver must be submitted when applicant performs less than all three (3) PT events. Copy of a current DA Form 5500 must also be submitted when applicants does not meet weight requirements.
          • NOTE: In addition to above prerequisites, the following experience will add overall strength to applicant's packet:
            • Letter(s) of recommendation from a Senior Human Resource Technician, or AG Field Grade officer.
          Preferred prerequisites:
          • Associate Degree from an accredited college or university.
          • Have 6 hours of documented computer training as evidenced on official transcripts or training certificate.
          • Proficiency in MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint is preferred.
          NOTE: A letter from a senior Human Resource Technician is not required. If a letter from a HR Warrant Officer (CW3-CW5) is included, it will add weight to the overall strength of the packet.

          Please contact the proponent POC below for any questions regarding qualifications. Address all other inquiries to the Warrant Officer Recruiting Branch at[/EMAIL]

          POC: CW4 Bryan Westfield
          DSN: 734-8446
          COMM: 803-751-8446

          CW5 Coral Jones
          DSN: 734-8358
          COMM: 803-751-8358

          Last Updated 17 Dec 2013


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            Thank you Chief. It seems like I am way below the standards for qualification , but I will definitely give it a shot when I get to E-5. I am honestly not planning to stay in the Guard when my contract is up unless I can get an officer slot.