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  • Warrant Officer Mentor Program

    Hi guys I am a SPC in the GA ARNG interested in submitting a flight packet for a 153A. I have reviewed the prerequisite requirements and feel as if I have a decent shot of being accepted into the flight school program. While researching the subject of flight school and increasing my chances of being accepted the idea of getting a senior warrant officer to mentor you through the process seems to be a highly advised avenue of approaching submitting a flight school packet. I have spent some time trying to contact the individual aviation units in my state and am looking for any more guidance as far as finding a warrant officer that would be interested in meeting/interviewing with me regarding this opportunity. Any information any of you guys would be greatly appreciated.

    Also I am currently sitting on 15 months until my ETS date and have an opportunity to reclass. I am currently a 12N and am comfortable reenlisting in my MOS but have heard that it would be advantageous to try and get over to one of the aviation units to make the contacts needed to ensure success in this endeavor. I am currently in an MOS that is listed as overstrengthed on the HRC command's in/out list and would be willing to reclass to 15U or 15T if this would improve my chances of being selected to flight school. Both of these MOS are listed as balanced(N/N) I am curious as to if there is any way to contact an aviation unit directly to help either with my flight packet, or at least getting over to the unit so I can show that I am a worker, dedicated to becoming an Army aviator.

    My information as to would be presented to the Aviation Board:

    125 GT Score
    277 PT Score
    20/20 Vision
    OEF Deployment
    3x AAM
    Completion of SSD1
    WLC course date in 2014(Should be completed by board date)
    Excellent E-4 Word Picture
    24 College Credit hours as of 12/26

    Just under 5 years TIS and should be promoted to SGT (Top of EPS list) once WLC points are recorded.

    Once again any information would be greatly appreciated guys.

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    You can try using the white pages in AKO to do a search on CW3-CW5 153 Aviators in the directory. Then send a courteous e-mail explaining your concerns and see if someone will be able to help you. Or you can find a aviation unit in your state; take a drive there during drill weekend and network.


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      BTW, there is no official WO mentor program from enlisted Soldiers looking to pursue the WO ranks. Once you become a Warrant, then you form relationships with senior Warrants that will serve as mentors. The senior WO writing your LOR can provide guidance but since the packet is part of the WO process, that is something that you have to do all alone. The board will evaluate you as well, on the quality of your packet.