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prior service Marine wants to one day be Army Warrant officer, CBRN

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  • prior service Marine wants to one day be Army Warrant officer, CBRN

    Greetings all, I'm a honorably discharged Marine Cpl who is looking at entering the Cali NG as a Specialist in my old occupational field of CBRN. I enjoyed the field in the Marines and would hopefully like to continue it. A few questions: wiIl I be required to attend ARMY chemical school after having already completed USMC Chem School? Also anyone know if my time in the USMC counts toward MOS time requirements for WO? Also I heard rumor that prior service can go WO before E6 any truth to that?

    Thank you all

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    Re: prior service Marine wants to one day be Army Warrant officer, CBRN

    Hey there Jim,

    Prior CPL in Active Marines as well looking to go WO.

    Here are the requirements from

    • Complete MOS training
    • Rank is usually SPC/E-4 or higher
    • Must be appointed prior to age 46
    • Most specialties require completion of appropriate NCOES leadership Courses.
    • Documented proficiency in specialty area
    • Meet prerequisite standards for specialty area

    I know that doesn't really answer your questions, so you'd have to talk to the WO recruiter for your state/unit and see what he says. I enlisted in May as a 68W after being an 03 in the Marines, and am hoping to put in my packet to be a pilot after I finish college.

    Best of luck to you, and be sure to post back here with any updates when you get the answers you seek.


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      Re: prior service Marine wants to one day be Army Warrant officer, CBRN

      740A - Chemical, Biological, Nuclear and Radiological (CBRN) Technician

      Here is the link from the official US Army Warrant Recruiting:

      Minimum prerequisites:

      Be a SSG (E6) or above and graduated from MOS 74D ALC (NOT Waiverable).
      Hold MOS 74D with a minimum of 5 years experience in the MOS. Recruiter, Drill Sergeant and other non-technical duties are not considered MOS experience.
      Base line score of 100 for the ST.
      Must have one year documented Squad Leader experience in a Chemical Squad or one year documented experience as a CBRN NCO at battalion level or higher.
      HAZMAT Certification. All applicants must be HAZMAT Technician certified. A copy of their DoD HAZMAT Technician Certificate issued by the Department of Defense Firefighter Certification System with the attached International Fire Service Accreditation Congress (IFSAC) seal must be included in their WO application packet. This requirement can be waivered with valid justification.
      OPMF Hard Copies (Last 10 years of NCOERS and AERS (1059s) in order newest to oldest. The majority of your NCOERs must reflect outstanding and exceptional duty performance ratings noted with "among the best" ratings by the Rater and "successful" and "superior" ratings by the Senior Rater. Applicant must provide one NCOER as a SSG.
      Soldiers must be fully deployable, able to meet all physical requirements IAW AR 40-501, be able to take and pass an approved APFT IAW FM-21-20 (standard or alternate), and meet height/weight standards IAW AR 600-9. Soldiers may request a waiver to take the Alternate Event APFT for entrance in to Warrant Officer Candidate Program.
      Company Commander Letter of Recommendation (or applicable Company Grade UCMJ authority).
      Battalion Commander Letter of Recommendation (or applicable Field Grade UCMJ authority).
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        Re: prior service Marine wants to one day be Army Warrant officer, CBRN

        I thought about this myself....but I guess not.