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    I'm interested in joining the National Guard and applying for WOFT, but I'm undecided as to which state I should enlist in. I saw an old post listing the states in order as to the number of vacancies they had ( I was wondering if anybody had a more current list or if this was still a fairly accurate list. I was looking at possible Mississippi because they have appear to have a lot of aviation units as well as a 47 unit.( I know these slots are very competitive and I'd like to give myself the best shot possible.

    A little about me, I'm prior service Marine Corps. I was aircrew on the CH-46e (Phrog). I don't know if it's possible or not, but I was thinking due to how similar the CH-46 is to the CH-47 that I could enlist as a 47 mech and avoid having to go to AIT, therefore would potentially be able to submit a WOFT packet sooner. My backup is to enlist as a UAV operator, I talked to a couple guys at school and they said it's basically like flying IFR all the time. If anyone has any guidance or insight on this matter I would greatly appreciate it.


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    Re: Aviation Units

    This is a snapshot of the Aviation officer and WO vacancies by state.

    - Not all of these are rated (flying) positions
    - Not all of these are entry-level
    - Just because there's a vacancy doesn't mean that they'll take you
    - This is a snapshot in time, and reality on the ground may vary

    Nevertheless, this is a good place to start. Best wishes. Sorry the forum messes the formatting.

    State Desc Vac
    Alabama 14
    Alaska 20
    Arizona 39
    Arkansas 12
    California 38
    Colorado 6
    Connecticut 8
    Delaware 7
    District of Columbia 3
    Florida 11
    Georgia 20
    Guam 4
    Hawaii 22
    Idaho 14
    Illinois 21
    Indiana 40
    Iowa 9
    Kansas 37
    Kentucky 15
    Louisiana 30
    Maine 7
    Maryland 28
    Massachusetts 11
    Michigan 14
    Minnesota 22
    Mississippi 26
    Missouri 49
    Montana 14
    Nebraska 5
    Nevada 10
    New Hampshire 5
    New Jersey 14
    New Mexico 5
    New York 41
    North Carolina 1
    North Dakota 13
    Ohio 5
    Oklahoma 34
    Oregon 12
    Pennsylvania 66
    Puerto Rico 9
    Rhode Island 14
    South Carolina 8
    South Dakota 4
    Tennessee 25
    Texas 125
    U.S. Virgin Islands 4
    Utah 15
    Vermont 4
    Virginia 8
    Washington State 19
    West Virginia 8
    Wisconsin 13
    Wyoming 7