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  • NG pilot wannabe

    Hello everybody. I am a prior Air Force E4 who seperated in 2008. I have been considering going in to the NG. I would like to become a 60 or 47 pilot. What I am trying to figure out is what are my options? I know the active side has the WOFT program. Does the NG have that as well? Who should I be talking to about this? My past experience with recruiters is that they are not too familiar with NG and work mostly with active and reserve. Thank you for and advice.


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    Re: NG pilot wannabe

    You can find most of your information out by doing a search in this forum. The quick answer to you question is No, the NG does not have a WOFT or "street to seat" program so there is no direct route. Different states have different criteria for their WO pilot accessions. Some states hold speical boards for people who are trying to enlist to specifically become WO pilots, but that's just non-prior service applicants. The majority of states want you to enlist, attend AIT, and then you can drop a Warrant packet once you return from AIT. Pilot is the one WO MOS that doesn't require a specific feeder MOS, so you could technically be in any Army MOS and apply...though having a 15 series MOS would obviously be a plus.

    Do you know if your prior-service AF job will feed into an MOS or are you going to have to go to AIT? Oh PS there are Active/Reserve recruiters, and then the NG has their own recruiters. You can find a local one through the main website.


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      Re: NG pilot wannabe

      I'm not sure how to check for sure if my MOS will transfer over. I checked the USAREC WO site and my MOS did not show on the list. I was a Aerospace Physiology Tech in the AF. I did not know that there were recruiters specifically for the NG. I will check out the site for a NG recruiter.


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        Re: NG pilot wannabe

        Your AF MOS doesn't crosswalk to any Army MOS after I've done some research, but a recruiter is going to be able to give you the final word on that. It definitely wouldn't convert straight to an Army Warrant Officer MOS.

        As I said above though, the good news is Aviation Warrant Officer (153A) is the only WO job that doesn't require specific feeder MOS, so you could have ANY Army MOS and apply. It would behoove you to try and get an Aviation 15 series job though.