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  • WOFT Assistance Requested

    Let me start by saying that this is my first post, but I am not new to the National Guard. I have been in the Ohio National Guard since 2008 and served in Afghanistan from 2010-2011. I'm looking for a little assistance with the WOFT program as I have come to what feels like a dead end.

    I began my packet over my deployment and have encountered some issues along the way which I'm still sorting out. I had taken the AFAST and compiled packet when I found I had failed my flight physical. Reasoning was nearsightedness (20/40) and Astigmatism of -1.25 which exceeds the limit of -1.00. At that point I was unable to schedule PRK until after the AFAST was slated for replacement. I need to schedule my SIFT and wait for my PRK stabilization before my packet can board. I want to fly...I've sacrificed a lot for this dream and am overcoming obstacles presented.

    My stats are as follows:

    Rank: E5
    MOS: 91B20H8 (Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic/Recovery)
    Age: 27
    APFT: 275
    AFAST: 149
    College: Associates in Applied Science
    LOR's: CW4 Guard Aviator, CW3 Maintenance Warrant, CSM

    Here is my problem...I work in Oregon, live in Arizona, and drill in Ohio (solely for the intention to obtain a flight slot).It's hard for me to keep in contact with the ever-changing command and difficult to obtain information regarding flight progression. I'm looking for someone (preferably in the Ohio Guard or familiar with it) who can help me with the contacts needed. I know this may come across as confusing but I have not had luck reaching the correct individuals and am not close enough to drive to all the offices for information. As you all know, flight is foreign talk to a lot of recruiters and unit command which is why I am here as a last resort. Please contact me via email, PM, post reply, or any other available option if you have information, suggestions, or contacts that can assist me. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope to hear from you soon.