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VII. Do all Warrant Officer MOSís Require Experience?

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  • VII. Do all Warrant Officer MOSís Require Experience?

    There are 42 total Warrant Officer MOSís offered by the Army National Guard. 38 of them have rather strict experience requirements, more often than not a minimum of 4 years of enlisted experience in a specific MOS that qualifies as a ďfeeder MOSĒ. However there are four WO MOS's which either do not have this requirement or will allow civilian experience or education in lieu of military experience.

    These Four MOS's are:

    153A - Rotary Wing Aviator:

    255A - Information Services Technician:

    255N - Network Management Technician:

    882A - Mobility Officer:

    Please keep in mind that while these have alternative eligibility requirements, each also has their own specific set of criteria that must be met. The only exception being 153A - Rotary Wing Aviator, which is open to all, currently enlisted, applicants and also the most popular. However the selection process is involved, and competitive. Applying for Aviation does not guarantee you will be awarded the opportunity to attend WOCS.

    I strongly encourage you to visit each of these links to help you get a better understanding of the process. Keep in mind that currently the National Guard does not have a direct enlistment option to become a pilot or any other Warrant Officer. You must be a current National Guard member in order to be eligible. First you would have to enlist in the National Guard.