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Aviation interstate transfer information

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  • Aviation interstate transfer information

    I am currently an E-6 18C in the WA national guard where I have been for the last three years. I was on active duty in 1st SFG prior to getting out for school. I have one year left of school and I am looking into post-graduation civilian career options as well as changing direction in my guard (or, less likely, a return to active) career. I will be 33 in a little over a year and I have seen multiple age requirements for flight, so that is my first question: Do age requirements change on a per state basis? Further, is the guard aviation age requirement generally close to or the same as the active duty requirement?

    Most importantly, I am wondering about opportunities in other states. I have been in contact with the aviation recruiter here in WA and I am waiting on some similar answers but I wondered if anyone here had any information or advice. Washington is apparently tightening up their aviation assessments so that "maybe" one per year will be assessed. Coupled with that, there are active pilots transferring into 66th. With a year left of school and some other changes that popped up, I only just started really digging into this. The next assessment board will be in 4 days here and since I haven't begun to study for the flight aptitude test, I'm writing off this year and looking into next year and other states. This is running on pretty long so I'll get to the point. Would my chances be greater if I looked into other states? Would I need to transfer first and then put a packet together? Is there anyone on here that knows that their state is in need or if other states are more aggressively picking up aviators? I recognize that this is a question that could be better posed to an actual state recruiter but I wanted to post to the community at large before I start emailing a bunch of different recruiters from a bunch of different units in a bunch of different states. Any information and direction would really be appreciated. Thank you!

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    Re: Aviation interstate transfer information

    The minimum age requirement for the 153A MOS is the same no matter which component you are in (

    At 33, being SF, I don't think you would have any trouble getting an age waiver.

    I know the biggest thing for an IST is the aircraft. It's not so much a problem for the 60's or 47's but only a few states have 64's and 58's. Depending on the reason for the IST, the receiving state may send you to a Q course for an aircraft in their inventory. I know FOR SURE that you will incur an 18 mo service obligation after commissioning and word on the street is that it's very hard to get a release these days. Going Guard to Active, I've been told is almost impossible and IST's are case-by-case. Obviously every state's numbers will be different, unfortunately the only to find out is to ask each state.

    You can definitely get started on the packet though, it's not state specific. Just take the AFAST and start on your bio and getting all of your doc's together. Sorry for assuming you were looking at WOCS vs OCS


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      Re: Aviation interstate transfer information

      Sorry for the long delay! I've been away for a few weeks. Thank you so much for your response. I guess I'll just have to put a packet together and start looking around and asking other states. Thanks!