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Prior Service with H3 and permanent hearing profile

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  • Prior Service with H3 and permanent hearing profile

    I enlisted in the Guard as a 12B in 2012 with plans of gaining combat experience with a deploying unit and then beginning a journey to become an 18D. I was, however, just recently medically separated because I have a 3 rating for my hearing and was given a permanent hearing profile just after returning home from OSUT. So, I was never able to deploy, obviously. My whole life I have been preparing myself to become an 18D. It is what I have wanted for as long as I can remember. I joined a combat MOS and sought a deployment, I attended EMT school for a small background in emergency medicine, I am currently in college taking nursing prerequisites that would help me in the Delta course (as per advice from a current 18D and civilian ER nurse) and finally I was enrolled in the 18D preparation course online. I have no disciplinary counselings, a good PT score, and no other negative marks against me.
    I was wondering if there is any possible way that I am still able to pursue becoming an 18D? I do not want to give up even after all the defeat.
    Is it possible to get a waiver to reenlist for something I was medically separated for?
    Or is it possible that the SF unit in my state would be able to have any pull or say? I'm in Ohio, by the way. I know at this time especially, since their numbers are up, they are probably not giving any waivers but I didn't know if SF was a different animal in regards to that or even if it would be possible at a later date?
    I'm trying to get the correct information to determine if I should still try to pursue SF in the future after my degree is complete or to just get it out of my mind?

    Thank you for any information.

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    Special Forces will not medically waiver any permanent profile or PULSES of 3 or higher. Must have a physical profile of 111221 or better.