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Active Duty Officer transition to Guard SF

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  • Active Duty Officer transition to Guard SF

    I'm an Active Duty Infantry Captain that will be separating in the next 6 months. I am 36 years old with 14 years of combined service (enlisted and officer) and I'm considering joining the Guard and giving SF a shot. I am in excellent shape and feel with a little bit of work I could pass SFAS. I would also be interested in working in a support role and possibly switching Branches to Intel or something like that. What options are open to me and who can I talk to to get more info?

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    If you have more than 2.5yrs TIG as an CPT/O-3 you unfortunately would not be considered for Special Forces (18A), even with the NG. About your only option would be to resign your commission and revert back to enlisted/NCO in order to apply/try-out for NG SF.


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      Sorry I didnt comment earlier on your other interest of working in a support role. Whether you would have the option to branch reclass would ultimately be up to the respective state's Officer Strength Manager (OSM) and what current slots and needs that state has. You would have to look at only the BN and Group levels for support positions, especially for officers.


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        No worries. I'm interested to know what rank I would come in as if I resigned my commission and came in as an enlisted Soldier...pretty interesting route, haha!

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      How many years TIG as an O-3 would impact your pay grade determination. E-5 would be the lowest, but you may qualify for E-6 with 3 or more years TIG.


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        I have 7 years TIG. Got passed over for promotion.


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          The best resource to transition from Active Duty Army to the Army National Guard is to talk with a Reserve Component Transition Officer (Silver Siege Recruiter) located on most Army posts, usually in the same location as ACAP or post out processing. They can assist in finding a unit with open availability, to transition into the Army National Guard. You can usually begin the process approx one year prior to your end of service obligation or you would have to contact a local Army National Guard recruiter within the respective state of interest.

          Unfortunately I do not have any information on the process of resigning your federal commission. I would suggest you contact your officer branch manager.

          Best of luck!