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Prior service attaining an 18x contract ( either Guard or prefferebly Active).

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  • Prior service attaining an 18x contract ( either Guard or prefferebly Active).

    I just separated recently ( Honorably) from AD. Still waiting to in process into my Guard unit. Eight years 11B, Airborne, mostly the basics ( No cool guy schools D*** it!). I'm looking into going back on AD within the next two years. Does anyone know the scoop on Soldiers like myself getting an 18x contract? Yes, I meet the minimum requirements. Yes, I've read into it myself. I just want some feed back from you folks. Please no life advice, ha ha, I'm sure everyone that separates thinks about going back within the first six months. Waiting for the wife to finish her current degree before committing to anything, so I have time to think on it. Also, I have a 1 yr. contract with my local unit ( planning to re up when the time comes).

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    Getting an 18X contract with the Army National Guard is ZERO percent. Please see the following thread/topic:

    You are much more likely with the active duty Army, assuming its still available at the time you try to reenlist. From everything I have heard, its only available to prior service E-4s and you must be less than 30 years of age, no waivers for either pay grade or age. But, that is something you will have to discuss with an active duty Army recruiter.
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      I recently attempted to pursue the 18x for AD. Here is what I know.

      You did not specify your rank, so from what I know, 8 years likely puts you in one of these grades.

      Grade E-5 - 35L, 35P (language dependent), 68C(68W20M6).
      Grade E-6 - 35P (language dependent).
      Grade E-7 - 35P (language dependent).

      That information is based on the most recently released business rules^

      If no vacancy exists, the following MOS will be used for retraining
      (changes monthly based on the needs of the Army): (1) Grades E-1 thru E-4 - 18X or 35P ACASP (language dependent).
      (2) Grades E-5 - 35P ACASP (language dependent).
      (3) Grades E-6 - 35P ACASP (language dependent).
      (4) Grades E-7 and above - no vacancies.

      That just explains if you do not meet the criteria or mos qualified in the inital section I wrote than this pertains to you. As you can see, the only way to obtain an 18X contract would be if you were an E-4. If you are an E-4 after 8 years, I dont know if SF is something you should pursue.

      The following vacancies by grade and MOS are available if already
      Airborne qualified.
      (1) Grades E-1 thru E-4 - 12B, 12N, 13R, 25M, 25V, 27D, 35F, 35G, 35T,
      88N, 89B, 91B, 91C, 92G, 92L, 92W, 94E or 94F.
      (2) Grade E-5 - 25C, 35L, 35S, 74D, 88N, 92A, 92W or 92Y.
      (3) Grades E-6 - 35P (language dependent).

      Again, you likely following under the E-5 or E-6 as you can see, no vacancies for an 11B...

      Not only does it appear as though you cant get into SF, it doesnt even appear as though you can get back in AD at this time... Im reluctant to give advice as you requested to not receive it but here goes. If you are adamant about getting back into the Army Active Duty, your only real option at this time is to enlist into the reserves under one of the E-5 (assuming your E-5) airborne vacancies MOS's. Go to AIT, complete it and become MOSQ. Then attempt to transfer from reserve which is a long exaggerated process in its own. But that appears to be the only way you will get a shot at getting back in AD. Unfortunately, AD SF does not appear to be an option for you. You can try with the Guard. Make sure your state has an SF unit first of course. Although you could probably transfer.