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    Greetings all, Some background, I am a 68W SPC from Ohio. I ship to BCT in Feb. I am very new to the military so forgive my nievete. At RSP a SF recruiter peaked my interest in the 18D MOS. Ive ran these questions past SF recruiters, and a friend of mine who currently is SF, however Ive had very vague answers from both. -One of my main goals is earning a degree, then on to Med school, CRNA, or PA. Would SF be a help or a hinderance in this persuit? Would it be possible to be both an 18D and once I qaulified, be a student? -Are there any 18D, current or former, who can lend some insight on career paths?
    Really, my overall concern is that my civilian career would be impossible with the requirements of SF.

    Thanks all for your time.

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    RE: champion8. More than likely you are not going to get a response from a current or former 18D in regards to your questions/concerns on these forums. Caveat is I am not an 18D, but I will give you my insight and observations from other 18 series guys pursuing their degrees.

    It can be difficult to continue a medical degree program uninterrupted while serving in NG SF. I have personally seen a simple four-year Bachelors take as long as six years to complete due to deployments and military training or schools. I believe a medical program would not be so flexible or accommodating to simply allow you to stop in the middle of it and try pick back up in 6 months to a year after a possible deployment. Not to say that its impossible, but just be aware of the potential issues and delays possible. Also, remember that your NG SF service has priority over college. Now allot of SF commanders are very accommodating, but only to a certain extent. You may want to consider pursuing SF after you have finished and obtained your medical degree goals.

    I hope this has provided some insight.

    SF Hunter


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      Thank you for the advice, this is what I was figuring.