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  • Question about college

    Hello, I am active duty army on Benning, and I recently tried getting in contact with the SF recruiter here but like all my buddies told me he's usually busy as hell, so I just wanted to ask the question: If I try out and make it through SFAS, serve the rest of my active duty time and go NG, will there be any time for college? I want to work on getting a degree, but I know how long the Q course is so I'm not entirely sure if that would be possible. I've already been to SERE, Airborne, and Ranger so I have all that knocked out, not sure if that makes a difference. Thanks for your time

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    Re: Question about college

    We actually had an operator, a Sapper and 2 x Rangers in my BOLC class. It was an interesting group.

    From our conversations, I would tell you that "No", going to college while doing F/T SF stuff is really not going to be possible. You might be able to knock out 1 class a semester, but your time is going to be so full of SF stuff, that you may not get the grade you want.

    Those 4 guys all waited until after the Army playtime to go to college.