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Do I have any options?

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  • Do I have any options?


    I have perused many, many post and haven't found one that specifically relates to my question. If there is a post that does I apologize for re-posting.

    I am PS Navy, I served four years and I am 37 years old. I am contemplating re joining the military via the Guard and would like to have a chance at joining SF.
    I recently contacted a recruiter for the unit in my state of MD and was told that at my age I would have to be airborne qualified and preferably ranger qualified with some combat arms experience. He also told me the cut off for airborne was 36. So it appears that I have no options, however after reading posts on this forum and searching the internet I am left feeling unconvinced. I would very much like to pursue this, but if it is definetly a no go then I am not trying to waste anyones time.

    Would it be different if I tried through another state?

    Do I have any options?


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    Re: Do I have any options?


    Just because you would like to pursue it does not mean that its an option. You have to look at it from the point of the SF unit and SF community. What skills are you bringing to the table? What would make you a valuable asset? What do "you" have to offer to SF?
    If you have not completed some basic military requirements by your age, then whats in it for Special Forces?

    It sounds like you have no prior special operations experience or training, so at the very least you would have to attend Army Basic Combat Training (BCT) and then an Army MOS course.
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