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ROTC/OCS and Special Forces

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  • ROTC/OCS and Special Forces


    Ive come to a fork in the road and need some advice or other thoughts to help me decide which road to take. I'm currently enlisted in the National Guard and will be starting college this month. I plan to get my degree in nursing. But my ultimate goal my whole life has been to become a Special Forces medic. I want nothing more than to pursue that and accomplish that but was disqualified at reception because I have a hearing problem from birth. I was told from a contact at my state SF unit that it MAY be possible to get a waiver but they do not have my hearing test results. I have not pursued that yet. But the fork in the road is whether to not contract with ROTC and risk my waiver for hearing being denied or to contract with ROTC. Special Forces is what I really want. But I'm afraid that it may not be possible because of things I cannot control i.e. hearing problem. So if I dont contract and I find out later that theres no way I can pursue Special Forces I would most likely go OCS and become an officer in the Guard. But I also fear that if that happens I would have missed out on training through ROTC and ROTC/Nurse major specific training. And I'm not sure if I would get that if I would do OCS in the future. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    (And I also know that I can wait until my sophomore year to contract I believe so I do have some time.)

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    Re: ROTC/OCS and Special Forces

    It's easier, generally, to get something if you already have something. Thus, given your concerns, I recommend pursuing ROTC, since my educated guess is that has the highest likelihood of success. Then leverage that into the next step, becoming an SF medic. If you make yourself more valuable (e.g., with a commission and a nursing degree), then you're more likely (although not guaranteed) to get a waiver.
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      Re: ROTC/OCS and Special Forces

      I am already a 12B in the Guard


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        Re: Hearing Waiver?

        Originally posted by fs3006 View Post

        I have had a slight hearing problem from birth. When I was at reception right before OSUT I failed my hearing test the first time and I had to retake it with the audiologist. She has told me that I have a 2 on my PULLES and that my hearing would disqualify me from some MOSs like 68W and also Special Forces. She also gave me a permanent hearing profile. I brought it up with the SF unit in my state and they told me that it MAY be possible to get a waiver. But I need/want to get it retested to see if I can score better. SO I was wondering what steps do I need to take to see where my hearing is and if its possible to get a waiver? Also, is it possible to have my hearing results sent down to Bragg before I complete the SF weekend "try out" to see if I can even get a waiver? I just don't want to get down to SFRE or SFAS and then find out I cant get a waiver after all my hard work. Thank you in advance.
        The NG SF unit submits the waiver. You will not even go to SFAS before your SF physical is approved. If its denied by the SF Surgeon at SWCS (Ft. Bragg) then you will not even go to SFAS.

        I recommend that you continue to work with the SF unit you were already in contact with. Attend their SFRE and let them make the call on a waiver possibility and submission.