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rep 63 eligibility

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  • rep 63 eligibility

    Can someone from another branch of service apply for the rep 63 program? Thanks...

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    Re: rep 63 eligibility

    For clarification, is this the Special Forces program? And are you asking if someone that is ENLISTED in a separate branch can just slide into this program?


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      Re: rep 63 eligibility

      Yes, SF. The requirements read a bit vaguely. It says that if you already have an MOS then you're not eligible because the program is meant for non-priors. But since I'm a navy reservist, I don't have an "MOS," but I am prior service... So, I just don't know if I meet the requirements.


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        Re: rep 63 eligibility

        Originally posted by raven1982 View Post
        Can someone from another branch of service apply for the rep 63 program? Thanks...
        REP 63 is "strictly" for non-prior service. As a current Navy Reservist you would not be considered non-prior and so would not be eligible for REP 63.

        Please refer to current/prior service requirements and process to apply for SF.
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          Re: rep 63 eligibility

          This has been stated numerous times throughout these forums.

          Unfortunately, the Army National Guard currently does not offer Special Forces enlistment contracts for prior service.

          In order to apply for Special Forces as prior service, the first step is to enlist into the Army National Guard, either under your current Navy rating, if it transfers to an Army MOS or choose one available within the state.

          USN personnel (including Reserve components) who have not completed Army or Marine Corps Basic Training will be required to attend Army Basic Combat Training (BCT). The only exceptions are Prior Service USN Special Operations (SPECOPS) personnel/ratings.

          The second step is to meet the requirements for SF:
          1. Must be male, minimum age of 20. No maximum age, based on individual evaluation.
          2. Must be a U.S. citizen (non-waiverable).
          3. Must be in the pay grade of E-4 to E-6.
          4. Must be at least one year since completing an MOS producing course/school.
          5. Must have a General Technical (GT) score of 107 (non-waiverable), preferably 110 or higher.
          6. Must score a minimum of 270 on the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT), with no less than 90 points in each event, using the standards for 17-21 age group.
          7. Must be able to meet medical fitness standards for Special Forces as outlined in Chap. 5, AR 40-501, Standards of Medical Fitness. (Must have color vision)
          8. Must be Airborne qualified or volunteer for Airborne training.
          9. Must possess or be eligible for a secret security clearance.
          10. Must not be barred to reenlistment or be under suspension of favorable personnel action.
          11. Must not have been convicted by court-martial or have disciplinary action (Article 15/NJP) noted in your official military personnel file (OMPF) under the provisions of the Uniform Code of Military Justice.
          12. Must not have any drug or alcohol related law violations.
          13. Must be able to swim 50 meters unassisted, wearing boots and the Army combat uniform (ACU), prior to beginning the Special Forces Qualification Course (SFQC).
          14. Must not have been terminated from Airborne, Ranger, or Special Forces duty, unless termination was due to extreme family problems.
          15. No Soldier, regardless of Military Occupational Specialty will be recruited if he is unable to reclassify from his current MOS into Career Management Field 18 series (CMF 18).

          The third step is to coordinate and schedule to attend an SF Readiness Evaluation/Assessment drill (SFRE/SFAD), basically a try-out, with a NG SF unit that is accepting applicants. If you pass the SFRE/SFAD you will be placed on a Order of Merit List (OML), based on your performance, for attendance to SFAS.
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